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2020 is about to end, but the endless challenges of Fortnite are nowhere close to the ending. Just after Season 4, Epic Games wasted no time to release more challenges for Season 5. The fans of Fortnite love weekly challenges, and right now, Week 1 challenges are live. Season 5 has taken a different path to entertain the fans, including new crossovers, new side quests, new locations on the map, and new characters.

Along with the new NPCs, players will see new locations on the map. Along with the weekly challenges, players can also try side quests to grind extra XP to level up. Unlike previous seasons, grinding XP and leveling up in Season 5 is slightly easier. So here is the quick guide to level up fast.

Level Up Fast

The Quests

Before leveling up, players must know the new updated challenge system of Fortnite. Unlike the older times when players only had a few challenges to play, now they have new quest challenges. The new quest challenges come in two ways: Legendary Quests and Regular Quests. As compared to regular quests, the legendary quests are more typical but offer great rewards. Legendary quests launch once a week, so players should complete them on priority. 

On the other hand, the regular quests are unlimited. After completing a regular quest, the next one automatically shows up. So the players who are looking for leveling up quickly can rely on quests. Defeating Ruckus is also a Legendary Quest in which players can get a special weapon after winning.


Bounties system added in Season 5. Bounty tasks don’t appear automatically, and players have to find an NPC to receive a bounty task. There are plenty of NPCs scattered around the map. After receiving a bounty task, players have to hunt down the bounty. Bounty tasks offer a huge amount of XP and gold bars. Through bounties, players can earn huge XP, so make sure to complete as many as possible.


The Punch Card system and Milestones are pretty similar. To achieve a milestone, players don’t need to choose or complete any quest. It can be achieved by simile walking, running, or performing any other activity. Each milestone offers a different amount of XP, and players can complete plenty to earn more XP.

All these three ways are the perfect options for leveling up quickly. Indeed, Epic Games has not revealed many skins and characters yet, but players should be prepared for it. Most of the rewards will be given to the players based on their levels. So without wasting any anytime, players should work on leveling up.


With the newly added system in Fortnite, the fans are quite satisfied. However, the leveling up could be tough for those who don’t prefer to play quest and bounty challenges. Like always, the weekly challenges are still available, and players can complete them to earn XP and rewards.

Source: Fortnite: Season 5 – How to Level Up Fast

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