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Fostering Inclusive Economy: Unveiling the Union Budget’s Impact on Equitable Growth – Darshan Hiranandani

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The release of the Union Budget 2024 has sparked a wave of optimism for inclusive growth and equitable development across India. Renowned real estate entrepreneur, Mr. Darshan Hiranandani, applauds the budget's pivotal role in nurturing an economy that benefits all stakeholders while fostering a conducive business environment.

Central to this transformative agenda is a holistic approach to economic development, ensuring that every segment of society participates in the nation's progress. The budget's commitment to “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas” serves as both a slogan and a guiding principle, permeating every policy and allocation.

The provision of free solar power emerges as a symbol of inclusivity, transcending socioeconomic barriers to meet energy needs. By democratizing access to clean energy, the budget ensures that the benefits of progress are felt by all, from urban dwellers to rural communities. This action not only promotes environmental sustainability but also underpins an inclusive economy by addressing a fundamental need for energy inclusivity.

Another cornerstone of this inclusive agenda is the focus on affordable housing for the middle class. By increasing access to homeownership, the budget stimulates economic growth in the real estate sector, benefiting adjacent businesses and fostering community development. Affordable housing not only provides shelter but also serves as a catalyst for wealth creation and social upliftment.

Mr. Darshan Hiranandani also highlights the budget's emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), showcasing India's commitment to maintaining its leadership in technological advancement. By integrating AI into the economy, the budget ensures that the benefits of the digital revolution are accessible to all, rather than a select few. This investment in innovation and technology lays the foundation for a knowledge-based economy, offering opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurs with diverse skill sets.

In summary, the Union Budget 2024 sets the stage for inclusive economic growth, guided by principles of equity and progress for all segments of society. Through initiatives such as free solar power, affordable housing, and investments in AI, the budget paves the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future for India.



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