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Four Hot Tips to Increase Sexual Desire in Winter-Practical Advices

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With the arrival of the cold season, our libido decreases as our bodies produce less serotonin and melatonin hormones responsible for putting us in a good mood. Sex is no longer a priority, and long naps are the number one desire.

So we become lazier and prefer to use the bed to sleep instead of using it for fun. But how can we revive our sexual desire in the cold season?

Physical exercises or a proper diet will make you feel more active in general, and this will have a positive effect on your sex life as well, but in this article, I want to give you four tips on how we can improve our sex life with the help of erotic products. These products could also be great Valentine's Day Gift ideas for her or him!

  1. A different kind of romantic dinner
  2. Massage Oils to stimulate the desire
  3. Red sexy underwear
  4. Soft BDSM sex toys and accessories

Let's go deep into this…

  1. A different kind of romantic dinner!

Many couples underestimate the allure of a romantic dinner with their partner.
Prepare dinner together in the privacy of your own home, and you're sure to achieve a good mood quickly. Use aphrodisiac ingredients such as honey, raspberries, chocolate, or chili.

How to have an enhanced romantic dinner?
Your partner can wear the ANNE´S DESIRE PANTY SECRET clitoral vibrator stimulating the clitoris with vibrations. Made of flexible medical silicone, it can be placed comfortably inside your underwear. The intensity of seven modes of vibrations can be easily controlled via a clock-like remote control.
When serving dessert, take the remote control and activate the toy. At first, use a lower intensity and gradually increase the intensity of the vibrations. You can continue this game until orgasm is reached or use it just as foreplay.


2. Massage oils for stimulating and sensual moments for two.

If you think a sex toy is a too bold accessory in your couple's life, you could try massage oils.
Plan everything well so you can relax without stress; a hot shower beforehand can help you unwind.
Prepare a pleasant atmosphere, warm up the room, draw the curtains, light candles, choose sensual music, and turn off your mobile phone.
For this time of year, I recommend using warming massage oils such as Warmup Warming Massage Gel with mint flavor. It promises hot love affairs. The comforting effect of the warmth allows you to enjoy every touch and movement to infinity.
Apply a small amount at first, and feel free to ask your partner/partner if the way you massage is comfortable and what parts you should focus on.

 3. Red underwear for the cold season

You'll make the correct statement this season if you wear red lingerie. This color is highly seductive, contrasting with the cold season. Red lace emphasizes the sensual side of a woman, accentuating the festive atmosphere. You can wear anything from a babydoll, catsuit, corset, or suspenders. The important thing is to find lingerie that makes you feel sexy.

  4. BDSM sex toys and accessories.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy is the decisive factor in breaking down taboos about bondage and introducing this practice into the lives of many couples, bringing significant changes to their sex lives.
Start with soft bondage toys such as handcuffs, mouth gags, erotic lingerie, or BDSM paddles, and increase the intensity gradually if you so desire. Choose these products with your partner.


The coldest time of the year doesn't have to put you in a bad mood – enjoy each other and help the blood flow to your hot spots using erotic items.
I'll be back soon with some ideas to help you find the right Valentine's gift so you can enjoy it.



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