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Francoise Girard addresses all the major women’s issues

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Women no doubt face a lot of difficulties in their lives. Whether it is suppression or injustice, they have to face all such obstacles to stand successful. However, thanks to one strong character that has empowered all the women by fighting for feminism and brought several changes to the society. Yes! you are reading about Francoise Girard IWHC

She is a women activist who not only stood up for women's issues but also other issues such as racial discrimination. That is why she is also known for Racial discrimination Francoise GirardIn this editorial, you will learn how Francoise Girard addresses all the issues of women. So, read the complete column to understand.

Stood up for violence against women and girls

Prior to the epidemic, it was estimated that one in every three women would face violence in her lifetime. Violence is anticipated to escalate as economic & social strains mount, and mobility is limited by lockdown and stay-at-home orders. Domestic violence survivors may be stuck at home with their attacker, with restricted access to support programs, healthcare, and legal systems. In open, women are more vulnerable to assault when traversing vacant public places and modes of transportation. Françoise Girard commits to addressing all such issues and fighting against Women's violence.

Addresses the gap in Gender pay

Women are at the forefront of the COVID-19 reaction all over the world, since they make up the bulk of health & social care professionals, particularly nurses, midwives, and health workers, as well as the bulk of cleaning, laundry, and catering personnel in health facilities. Despite this, the health workforce has an overall gender pay disparity of roughly 28%. When profession and hours worked are taken into consideration, the salary discrepancy between men and women is 11%.

The gender divides digitally

However, because internet connection is still a luxury, not everybody can complete their education digitally while classrooms are closed because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many people throughout the world, particularly girls from low-income families, are unable to participate in online learning because they lack the necessary tools, skills, and technology. The fact women or underprivileged groups are less likely to have access to computers was already a major disadvantage.

Informal occupation and career instability of women

Another issue that Francoise addresses is Women often earn less and have fewer job security opportunities than males. Because the epidemic halted economic activity, women in the informal economy have suffered a significant drop in their ability to make a livelihood. In addition to the loss of money and paid jobs, many women are juggling a rise in unpaid domestic and care tasks. This may alter. It is incumbent on all of you to bear the additional burden of unpaid domestic work labor at home, as well as voice up for a gender-sensitive response to the recent economic shock, which includes helping women within the informal economy.

Discrimination for period, stigma, and poverty

When women and girls menstruate, they are subjected to prejudice. They are considered filthy, untouchable, or a shame in certain parts of the globe. Whether it's a lack of funds to purchase pads, tampons, or other items, a lack of access to restrooms, or discriminating laws and practices, women and girls, particularly the world's poorest, are profoundly affected by their periods. It's extremely difficult for women & girls to handle their periods in a crisis in a secure and dignified manner. Francoise addresses all these issues and commits not to give Françoise Girard resignation till she eradicates all such problems,


Wrapping up, these are a few women issues Francoise addresses. Now that you know all these issues, you should also stand up against such issues.



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