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AZ-104 Certification validates the skills and knowledge required to manage Azure resources and services effectively as an Azure administrator. Achieving this certification demonstrates your expertise in implementing, managing, and monitoring Azure solutions. Microsoft Azure Administrator examination is a bridge that acts as a pathway to enter reputed organizations. This examination aims to validate the skills required to manage, implement, and monitor computer storage, Azure cloud governance, and virtual networks. 

  1. What Information Should You Have Before Studying For The AZ-104?

There are different conditions for every test and accreditation. If you wish to approach this matter with dedication, ensure to peruse the conditions initially. Nothing is more exasperating than devoting months to studying for an examination you are unable to undertake or clearing an examination that will not result in an accreditation! You can utilize our easy search instruments to hunt for crucial details and search for a broad array of examinations.

  1. How difficult is the AZ-104 test?

Despite being an entry-level test, the AZ-104 is difficult! You should approach the exam anticipating a variety of question styles. There will be many questions for you to consider, and you may frequently go back to ones you first didn't completely understand. Make careful to practice what you learn by watching the demonstrations and performing the experiments in your lab.

  1. How can you take the AZ-104 exam?

You must schedule your exam online when you have finished your study. Normally, you would be able to take your exam in a testing facility or online, however, due to the Covid-19 issue, there is presently just online testing accessible.

  1. Is it worthwhile to take the AZ-104 Azure exam?

Absolutely, in the perfect scenario, you will then seek specialist credentials, although this acknowledgement symbolizes a highly noteworthy accomplishment. Even if validation isn't your ultimate aim, you'll gain a multitude of expertise studying Azure thoroughly that will either assist you in obtaining your initial position in Azure or enhance your proficiency as a cloud manager.

  1. Who ought to enroll in this Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 course?

This training is open to the following professionals:

IT managers seeking Azure Infrastructure practical training.

professionals seeking the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator badge.

New business owners or organizations that want to create their infrastructure solution in the cloud at a fraction of the expense of conventional techniques.

Advocates of the cloud.

  1. Why take the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam?

 Microsoft Azure is a rapidly expanding provider of cloud infrastructure and has established itself as a serious rival in the industry. A wider group of people working to establish a company's cloud infrastructure frequently includes an Azure administrator. Along with other roles, Azure administrators collaborate to supply networking, security, database, application development, and DevOps solutions.

  1. What qualifications are needed to enroll in this Microsoft Azure Administrator training?

To enroll in this course, you must have:

  • IT administration work experience
  • Cloud computing fundamentals
  • Basic familiarity with networking, databases, and virtualization
  • Proficiency with the Command-Line Interface and PowerShell
  1. Is working as a Microsoft Azure Administrator a rewarding career?

Numerous companies find the field of cloud computing to be quite beneficial. Since many Fortune 500 firms depend on Microsoft Azure Administrator specialists to complete their numerous jobs, the demand for these people is already quite strong and steadily rising. It is a tremendously sought-after career path, yet it can be quite cutthroat. Professionals interested in earning AZ-104 certification can enroll in this course to be ready for the test.

  1. What career paths are open to Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Training graduates?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Training course aims to improve applicants' abilities and gauge their level of expertise. You'll be prepared to sit for the AZ-104 test after earning this certification. You will be able to apply for a variety of jobs after passing this exam. Azure Consultant, Azure Administrator, Azure System Engineer, Azure Data Engineer, and others are some of the most crucial job categories.

  1. What value does Microsoft Azure Administrator provide?

This is the perfect moment for applicants to register and obtain a certification since there is a growing need for individuals with Microsoft Azure skills and because there are numerous lucrative work opportunities and positions in IT companies. Getting certified is a great way to distinguish yourself as an Azure Administrator because of the variety of employment opportunities and high demand.

  1. What is the cost of the Microsoft Azure Administrator?

It costs $165 to hire a Microsoft Azure Administrator. As AZ-104 is the sole test you must pass to obtain the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification, it costs a total of $165 to obtain it. There are no requirements or additional fees associated with obtaining the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification, but because you are not given a refund if you fail it, you might wish to enroll in a course that will help you prepare.

  1. What are the duties and responsibilities of an administrator for Azure 104?

In a cloud environment, the Azure Administrator implements, administers, and keeps an eye on virtual networks, identity, governance, storage, and computing. Resources will be appropriately provisioned, sized, monitored, and adjusted by the Azure Administrator.

  1. How much time is required to get ready for Azure 104?

While persons who take a course that covers every AZ-104 learning goal can often study for the test in 6 weeks to 3 months, brand-new administrators with minimal experience in the cloud typically require over 5 months to master all they need to pass the Azure Administrator exam.

  1. Is the Azure 104 multiple-choice exam?

A person's expertise and comprehension of Microsoft Azure are examined in the Azure Administrators certification exam AZ-104. A candidate's knowledge of Azure services, tools, and best practices is evaluated by 40–60 multiple-choice and scenario-based questions in this exam.

  1. Are there any lab questions in AZ-104?

You receive a full set of 33 practical labs for AZ-104 preparation. You may put your theoretical knowledge to use and study every aspect of Azure cloud management with this well-calibrated demo architecture.

  1. How can you easily pass the AZ-104?

Here are some pointers and study materials to aid in your Microsoft AZ-104 test success.

  • Recognise the exam's fundamental elements.
  • Understanding the Topics Using the Exam Study Guide.
  • Utilize the Microsoft Learning Paths to educate yourself.
  • Using Microsoft Instructor-led Training, improve your abilities.
  1. What is the AZ-104 Exam course outline?

The AZ-104 exam's primary emphasis areas are:

Manage governance and Azure identities (15–20%)

Implement and oversee storage (15–20%) 

Azure computing resource deployment and management (20–25%)

Setup and administration of virtual networking (20–25%)

Monitoring and upkeep of Azure resources (10–15%) 

  1. What is the AZ-104 cancellation or rescheduling system?

Candidates must give at least six days' notice if they must move or postpone a test. If you fail to complete it 24 hours prior to the exam, you run a chance of squandering your entire exam fee.

  1. What occurs if you don't pass AZ-104?

You may repeat the test following the test repeat Policy, but you must wait 24 hours before doing so if you didn't get the required passing score on your first try. If your score still wasn't sufficient after this second effort, a 14-day waiting period will be applied to any subsequent attempts.

  1. What language options are there for Microsoft Azure Administrator exams?

A number of languages are available for the Azure tests. English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian test translations are also available. Those who must take the test in English but are uneasy doing so may request more time.

  1. How many attempts are there to take the AZ-104 exam?

The first time you fail an exam, you must wait 24 hours before retaking it. There is a 14-day waiting time between each of the following tries (up to 5). A specific exam may only be taken five times in a 12-month period following the initial attempt. 

  1. What is the average salary for individuals who pass the AZ-104 exam?

With an average salary of $125,993, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate is one of the highest-paying IT certifications for 2020, according to Global Knowledge. Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate holders are in high demand as more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations use the Azure Cloud and businesses migrate their information technology systems to the cloud.

  1. How prestigious is the Microsoft Azure Administrator designation in the IT industry?

A person who deploys, administers, and keeps an eye on Azure solutions as well as the storage, oversight, identity, digital networks, and computation in a cloud environment is known as an Azure Administrator. The Administrator role is the most sought-after of the jobs connected to Azure.

  1. What is the exam structure for AZ-104?

There are 40–60 multiple-choice questions on the Microsoft Azure AZ–104 exam, and you have 120 minutes to complete them. You must effectively manage your time. Additionally, it is advised that you spend no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds on each topic due to the fact that there are 40–60 questions overall. You will typically have 20 minutes to review and double-check your answers if you finish your test in 100 minutes.
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  1. Does AZ-104 require coding?

No. For the exam, you don't need to write or read any code. There may be a few multiple-choice questions where you must select from the following options:

  1. Various Powershell / CLI commands for tasks like resizing virtual machines
  2. KQL (Kusto Query Language) log querying

So, there are only a few inquiries about straightforward 1-line commands or queries.

  1. How long is the AZ-104 valid?

If you pass the certification exam before June 2021, your Azure certification is valid for two years; after that date, Microsoft will reduce its validity to one year. When it comes to renewing your certification, you have six months before the date it expires to take the exam, but you also have a 24-hour window to take additional exams. 

  1. Is it possible to pass the AZ-104 without having any prior experience?

There are certain expected knowledge areas for a candidate to have a high probability of passing the Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator on the website (for example, virtualization, networking, servers, etc.). No documentation of this knowledge or experience is necessary to schedule the exam, though. In other words, regardless of your level of industry expertise, you are free to take the exam.

  1. Can beginners give the AZ-104 exam?

Although it wasn't created with novices in mind, the associate-level Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 exam can be taken by anybody with a foundational understanding of Azure services and administration. Before taking the AZ-104 test, it is advised to have some hands-on experience with Azure and associated technologies.

  1. What tools are available to all to aid in exam preparation for the AZ-104?

You can quickly go through the 6-module Microsoft Azure Administrator self-study course, which is offered by Microsoft and gives you the fundamental knowledge needed to pass that test, to get ready for that exam. However, make sure you perform each step alone.

  1. Does the AZ-104 exam include questions from any case study?

There can be extra case studies and exam sections. You need to organize your time so that you can finish all of the exam's questions, especially the case studies, in the allotted time.


Finding out the questions and their format in any examination is significant. It helps in clearing the doubts regarding that particular examination. Vinsys, a renowned IT training institute in New York, USA offers comprehensive AZ-104 training in New York. With a strong focus on providing top-notch education and skills development, Vinsys has established itself as a trusted destination for professionals seeking Azure Administrator Associate certification. 

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