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Summer seems to go by so quickly, and many of us just want to fit in all the adventures we can. From hiking to biking, summer is the prime season for outdoor physical activity. But when it gets really hot outside, you may pay the price if you’re not prepared. Instead of feeling refreshed, you feel parched. Or, instead of glowing from the sunlight, you’re sunburned. If you plan to be on the move a lot this summer, the following tips may help you enjoy every exciting adventure even more.

Take On the Heat, But Stay Cautious

From drinking enough fluids to wearing cooling clothes, you want to always be resourceful about beating the heat and exploring the world under the sun’s potentially harsh rays. You also want to make sure you apply sunscreen with SPF before heading out and bring it with you for reapplication throughout the day. Even on cloudy or partly sunny days, those UV rays can affect your skin. Too much sun is one of the most common signs of premature aging. Non-nano zinc oxide is a sunscreen ingredient that helps prevent sunburn. Look for a moisturizing, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30.

Protect Your Lips

You have probably noticed how dry your lips can feel after spending a day in the sun. To avoid dry, chapped lips, it’s important to keep them moisturized and protected with a natural lip balm. Plant-based lip balms made with organic ingredients are gentle and effective. During the daytime, make sure your lip balm is made with SPF. The skin on your lips is vulnerable to the effects of potentially harsh UV rays, just like the rest of your face and body. Plus, if you’re prone to cold sores and fever blisters, keep in mind that the sun can exacerbate them. Choose a natural cold sore relief salve made with powerful botanical oils to help relieve tingling, itching, and blistering.

Repair Your Skin with Healing Salve

Sometimes over-exposure to the sun is unavoidable, especially on long day hikes and bike rides. Every adventurer can benefit from a thoughtfully-crafted healing salve as part of an after-sun body care routine. Seek a skin repair healing salve with aloe vera, helichrysum, and rosehip seed oil to completely nourish, moisturize, and even smooth the look of wrinkles. A great product may even help improve the appearance of damaged skin. Think about adding a healing salve to your summer skincare routine.

When Things Get Buggy

Mosquito and fly season is in full effect throughout the summer, as you’re well aware by now. If you tuck a non-toxic bug repellent into your pack and spray it on before starting, you won’t have to swat at pests while exercising. A quick spritz of an essential oil bug repellent is all it takes to keep bugs at bay. Insects can quickly become annoying when you hike or bike near open bodies of water or on wooded trails. But you can stop them from swarming with the right insect repellent made without DEET or other harsh ingredients. The most effective options are completely safe and can be applied directly to your skin.

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