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The sheer thought of ‘fine dining’ instantly makes our minds happy and excited! This concept is something that we have only come across in restaurants and cafes where everything is top notch. Starting from the vibes of the place to the crockery sets that have been used on the tables during meal times, everything seems to be in its best impression!

Making a similar thing at your home is something that you could never think of but when you have Whispering Homes by your side to help you go through it, you will know how easy and fun everything is! Making your living rooms and bedrooms beautiful with classy home décor products is not the only thing that makes your home look pretty. It is also the small things like having a tidy and clean kitchen with classy crockery set that plays an important role in decking up a home! Having good storage boxes and jars or having an open kitchen with ambient lighting is not the fullstop to it. Crockery is something that plays a major role even if you think it to be otherwise!

It is a pleasure to have hearty meals with your family and friends after a hard day of work or during events and occasions in your home. It is not just the food that makes a whole difference on the dining table but the way it is presented in the trays and bowls that has a significant impact on the people. Getting to check out the classy bowls, chapatti boxes and the plates and trays is something that will instantly light up your mood and make you feel that your food is way tastier!

While your dining table can only not be decorated with vases, flowers and candles, having crockery sets on display is also one of the ways to deal with the enhancement of the style statement of your place! If you are wondering how and what type of crockery sets will be helpful in this process, then Whispering Homes is more than happy to guide you through it!

From classic vintage thalis to the contemporary shaped serving trays, your dining table and kitchen will have a redefined collection of items that will not just make your heart go happy but also, make it to a point where your home will have the most beautiful and complete interiors!

What are the trends in the tableware collection that will be the best suited for my home?

In recent years when the home décor industry is taking a toll with new and classy home décor products, the kitchen and tableware décor is going nowhere less!

Undergoing some exciting changes and inclusions in the tableware collection, it is time for you to have a revamped dining table that will satisfy and soothe your heart and mind at the same time. To be in the trend or to make your home look pretty and beautiful, there is no way other than hopping on to the changes to make your home look and feel trendy and elegant!

So, watch out some of the classy trends in the tableware that will remain in the top list for the years to come! No matter what type of crockery set you are already into, from classics to modern, you can find everything right on your table!

  • Bold colors – shifting the focus from a minimalistic approach to a color palette that is bold and bright, your tableware needs to be cheerful and lively! The vibrant hues of the plates, bowls and trays create an atmosphere that makes sure that the ‘meal time’ is happy and sound! Also, the bright and bold colors show that your personality has a side that is filled with new and enchanting things apart from the subtle hues of minimalist approach.
  • Geometric or unique shapes – while it was just the round and rectangular pieces of crockery that ruled the kitchens and dining table in the previous time, it is now time to take a turn into the beautiful geometric and unique shapes! Unusual shapes of the serving trays and bowls are an attractive way to steal the attention of the people coming over to your place. Your dining table will be ushered by the beauty and elegance of the kitchenware – filling your home with aesthetics!
  • Minimalist design – like the minimalist design is ruling the interior home décor with its subtle vibes and pretty hues, your tableware can also emit the same vibes! The minimalist approach on the tableware includes having pieces of bowls, plates and other crockery that fits the table into the minimalist approach and lets your home get a breather! Focusing less on the table décor and more on the type of crockery pieces, you will just be top right at the changing tableware trends!
  • Going vintage – vintage décor is something that brings in a feeling of royalty and a majestic approach in your home! Engulfed by the antique touches of kansa, copper and brass, your tableware will now find a redefined look along with some vintage vibes. Starting from the well-made kansa plates to the designer copper curve plates, everything will seem royal just like your personality and choices!

These are some trends of tableware that will catch your attention sometime in the future, so what is better than taking a look at it today? Whether you want to create a dining space with classy and trendy vibes with touches of modernity or you simply want to embrace the long lost vintage and antique touch of the things, you are welcome to try them all!

Types of crockery pieces suitable for any dining table décor:


Taking a note of the type of crockery pieces that you would like for your table décor is an important part of choosing the right one for your home. Though there are various types available in Whispering Homes, you are to explore and choose the best suited one for your tableware. Whether it is the glass sets, ceramic bowl set or the vintage styled kansa plates and glasses for the go, you are the best to define what you need for your kitchen!

Coming up with some of the specific types of tableware, ranging from bowls to serving trays, take a look here to find out what you think might suit the best for you! Classy look or the modern contemporary look, you can get to see what catches your eyes and makes your heart go happy!

  • Kansa plate – bringing back the vibes from the age old times, the kansa plates are a thing of pure royalty! Being excellent in its build up quality and material, there is no way that you can refuse to get one for your home. Planning to serve delicious food on events or on a daily basis, these plates will just be the right one for this purpose! Do not forget the shine and charm you get to see when you take the first look of the kansa plate!
  • Triangular serving bowls – whether it is the dessert serving bowls or the wooden bowls for storing and keeping fruits, your dining table will have a profound look when you keep them displayed on it! The supreme quality and unique design of the bowls have been a true thing of beauty that will instantly catch the attention of your guests. Making sure that they look as trendy and beautiful as any other décor accent in your home, this takes care of your budget as well!
  • Serving trays and platters – the combo set of two or three serving bowls and the uniquely shaped trays and platters are a great way to make your table look classy and trendy! Decorative trays with handles on either side covered in silver and golden tones of colors are well known to enhance the beauty of the table as well the food that is being served. The marble platters not only let you make your table look classy but also, make sure that your food presentation is impressive!
  • Thaali set – bringing back the traditional way of presenting and eating food, the thaali set from Whispering Homes is going to sway you off your feet!
  • With a big plate and small bowls by the side, this thaali set is the perfect thing that you need to make any of your guests feel royal. Pairing this set with a brass glass is undoubtedly going to hype up your tableware like nothing else!

Apart from the regular eating dishes, turn your tableware into a quirky and funky one with classy glass decanters and glass bottles to make it an eye catching thing of beauty. The display of cups and mugs along with straws and water dispensers will make this corner of your home an impressive and impactful one!


Shopping of crockery from Whispering Homes:

Whispering Homes does not only promise you to deck up your living room or bedroom but also the way you arrange your table. From the vintage styled crockery pieces to the items of luxury and beauty, you can find things that will make your heart flutter with happiness and excitement! Being amazing in quality and easy on your pockets, these crockery pieces will never find a way to disappoint you!

Being one of the popular things in the trend now, be sure to have these things as an example of timeless elegance and beauty at your place! Be it for yourself or for the way you present your delicacies to your guests, having top notch tableware items is something that you should never let go of!


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