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Fulfil your Dream of owning a Farmland

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These days owning a farmland is the new trend among many families who have been living in major cities. Farmlands in and around Bangalore are gaining momentum. People have realized that it is time to disconnect from the hustle bustle of city life and discover greener solutions to sustain life on earth. A farmhouse which will be serving as a home to reside surrounded by an agricultural farm or a well-landscaped garden. People prefer farmlands or farm properties to experience nature and also to discover the happiness of a country life.

Perfect dream, our first drawings as kids, a small water stream, small house surrounded by trees, sun rising in the backdrop….. Were you one of those people with a dream of owning farmland with a farmhouse? Whether a childhood dream or a recent desire, fulfill and cherish it at “MadhuVana” , the farmland project. Set amidst thousands of acres of serene greenery surrounded by River Cauvery, just like the countryside.

VanaTvam along with Indus Herbs is on a mission to develop farmlands based on Vedic Forest science. The idea is to create sustainable farms not just for humans but for animals and nature too. As ardent believers in Vedic forest science, VanaTvam is incorporating several unique features such as Nakshatra Vana, Panchavati Vana, Navagraha Vanas etc., to add a spiritual dimension to raw nature. At Vanatvam farm communities you can discover, unwind and relax.

Why invest in farmlands ?  

Apart from being with nature and enjoying a healthy well-being at farmlands near Bangalore, farm lands have also become hotbeds of investment. Farmlands are fantastic as investments go. Based on sheer numbers, they outperform their urban cousins- plots in cities. This is not just the actual value of the land itself, but the intrinsic value of the produce, discovering new things, learning new life skills and enjoy being close to nature. Farmlands don’t depreciate. In fact, the appreciation has increased threefold in the past 10 years. The returns are higher than stocks and gold. While a 30×50 feet plot in Bangalore/Mysore costs one crore rupees, you can own a quarter-acre plot (10k sq. ft) for a fraction of that cost.Hence now more and more people are willing to invest in farmlands, thus increase in sales of agricultural lands in and near Bangalore.

A study by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India, concluded that a 50-year-old tree is worth about 50,000 rupees ($900) if cut for its timber. However, if left standing, it provides ecological benefits worth 23 lakh rupees. Money grows on Trees!!

Why choose Vanatvam and Indus herbs ?

Vanatvam in collaboration with Indus Herbs want to manifest nature’s care in people’s lives, reverse the effects of global warming and foster healthy living with modern conveniences. They have over 15 years of afforestation experience across 400+ acres, planted several lakh trees in various places across Karnataka. Team members are experienced gardeners, agriculture experts, farmers, environment experts & nature scientists.

The farm communities will be developed with good aesthetics, enhanced with flowers, bees, butterflies and birds. The experience of vibration is reflected in water bodies, the music of the breeze and the rustling of the leaves. When embedded in nature’s enormity, the feelings and emotions easily coalesce with nature. This ambience lights up the spirit of life and re-energize you and your families during every visit to Madhuvana. We will build cottages in which you and your family can stay on the farm or choose to build a farmhouse of your own in your dream farm plot. Owning a farmland became much easier.

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