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Full Body Fishnet Lingerie for Women

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 A problem but i really love the length of it i really love this style the design as well and also the quality i can't say anything but about it uh knowing.

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That all of this sleepwear you guys is very very affordable if you don't know she is just like i feel like she is one of the like widest range clothing brand like very affordable full body fishnet in the market and very popular as well you know  and i love buying like i feel like eighty percent of my  content in this youtube channel is from chicken so but yeah this is the second islam for you guys it's so nice i really love the length i love the white color also i really love the detailing and i got this in size is small as well  so excuse me.

Alta Modern Full Body Fishnet Lingerie Fashion

If i'm going to try this on the very wrinkly because i'm at the hotel at the moment and i don't feel like i am going to iron all of this before i try it on so excuse me if you can see this slip were very wrinkly but let's try it on anyway let's say this is such a beautiful slipper but for some reason one this one is sticking my skin i feel like my skin it has a magnet or something because for some reason you guys like it doesn't like go straight down like that it is sticking on my skin for some reason i don't know why but what is going on here but it's what is really cute and also the fitting is just so beautiful  the white one you can never go wrong with the white color it's just a stunning color and that's the back look like  right now right here i'm not thinking about how long it's gonna take now i'm just thinking about our lives you and me just laying blankets on a beach and then at night i'll sing your favorite lullaby  all right so the next one that i'm going to try on you guys is the black one i feel like i haven't shown you guys so much uh like a black sleeper lately uh i'm more into like a very colorful one but you guys  it's winter right now and i am back with the black color and this one is so nice  almost the same style as the second one so you can just like  hope they are put this drop in here all right just like a crisscross strap if you like to  so the back look like that and i feel like this one is a little bit shorter compared to the first and second one which i love and also i really love the detailing as you guys can see the nice detailing place lace detailing in the front and also in the bottom they're so cute  and quality wise of course it's really nice  and the back look like this does the style in the back really sexy it's a low cut  kind of style which i love and this one again guys this is a size is small so i love the black one so much so let's go and try it on all right guys so this is the black one  i really love this one so much it's



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