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323 Christmas thieves, Ye Xiu's troubles are not as serious as players imagine. Ye Xiu manipulates Jun Moxiao, in this kind of planned running, the real face of Christmas thieves simply do not have so many. From Ye Xiu's screen, if Chen Guo had not counted all the way down, it would have been impossible to think of such a terrible number as 323. After 323 Christmas thieves have been brought up, the overall number has decreased, so it is not so easy for Ye Xiu to find new Christmas thieves. But he did not end like this, and continued to let Jun Moxiao keep running around. The game was set to a window mode, and a map of Sin City was opened beside the window as the sword pointed out. How many people are you going to get? Chen Guo couldn't help asking. Ye Xiu did not answer, as if he had not heard. It wouldn't be too difficult for Ye Xiu if he just ran around with Christmas thieves. But because of the early anticipation of the actions made by the major guilds, this is a planned way to bring out the current situation. With the increase of Christmas thieves, Ye Xiu has to plan and calculate more things. His attention is not even maintained all the time, but gradually strengthened. At this moment, Chen Guo's voice could not be heard at all. As soon as Chen Guo looked, he stopped asking questions and continued to watch silently. The map is full of Christmas thieves running around, watching so many Christmas thieves pass in front of them grandly, killing them in vain, which really makes players lonely. They continued to run around, chasing where Jun Moxiao was, to see if there were any Christmas thieves who had slipped through the net. However, there is a misunderstanding in this way. They chase Jun Moxiao like this, and the streets they walk through are often the roads Jun Moxiao walks through. Don't laugh, if there is a free Christmas thief, he will be taken away,liquid bottle filling machine, where will there be any fish out of the net? The guild's hunting mission is getting worse and worse, but they are all helpless. They have been busy for hours, but they are still alive and well. There are many people who have seen him, but no one can follow and stop him. These Christmas thieves, of course, can also be attacked. However, due to the special setting of the ownership of the first strike, even if the player kills these Christmas thieves, he will not get any points, let alone grab the Christmas gifts stolen by the Christmas thieves, which is tantamount to a white work for Ye Xiu. However, if we kill, at least there will be a new Christmas thief brush out, CSD filling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, we will not be as strange as now to kill ah! On this side of Lanxi Pavilion, players are discussing with Lanhe and others on the night of lanterns. He hasn't had a harvest in an hour, which is totally unreasonable in Sin City. But this kind of experience is not only his, the guild from top to bottom harvest is very bleak. What if I kill him? New, Jun Moxiao can't get together again in this way? If he can do it once, he can do it a second time. Said the boat of Lanxi Pavilion. Kill Jun and don't laugh! Lantern Night is a hothead. Do you think no one wants to? And the result? Said the boat again. One side of the Blue River is also a deep sigh, obviously, he is more supportive of the boat, helpless, so a deep sigh. So what to do? And just watch? Said the night of lanterns. I was thinking.. By doing this, he may have expected that we would have no choice but to kill the Christmas thieves when we had no way to go. But if we can hold our breath, he will also be a difficult situation to dismount. How can he kill so many Christmas thieves? Not to mention the technical problems, the supply alone is completely impossible. Said the boat. He also knew the true identity of Jun Moxiao, but really did not dare to have any doubts from the technical point of view, just from the supply of such a very hard condition to doubt how so many Christmas thieves can be killed. “Well..” Impatient lantern night, but also feel that this analysis of the boat is really reasonable. Of course, not only the Lanxi Pavilion, but also the Caotang, the domineering Xiongtu, the reincarnation and the Yanyu Tower are entangled. Which family at this time is not anxious to scratch the wall but helpless? In the end, the conclusions drawn after the discussion and discussion of each family were all closely related to the analysis of the department boat. Emotionally speaking, the guilds are really reluctant to work for nothing. Among them, especially the Jia Dynasty. They also did not count how many Christmas thieves Jun Moxiao had gathered, but their task harvest in this period of time was also very poor, and the Christmas thieves in Sin City seemed to have gathered behind Jun Moxiao. If this really all helped him to kill, Chen Yehui did not suspect that Jun Moxiao would jump to the top of the list immediately, stepping on the seats of fifteen people in their Jia Dynasty. This is what Chen Yehui doesn't want to see more than killing a Christmas thief. At least now Jia Dynasty's lead is still very reliable, where is Chen Yehui willing to personally step on his own ranking? All the guilds have entered such a state of hesitation. They continue to attempt to encircle Jun Moxiao, but Sin City is a big city, the number of guilds is limited, and the Christmas thieves who think they are guideposts are so chaotic. If it could be done, it would have been blocked long ago, and would it be even more embarrassing now? There is no harvest for an hour on the night of lanterns. Although Ye Xiu is not as aimless as they are, looking for more planned and scientific, he has gradually entered a stage of stagnation. After all, Ye Xiu is just a man, and it's hard for him to find out after the Christmas thieves in Sin City have been greatly reduced in form. The number of Christmas thieves has been growing more and more slowly. 341…… Two hours, after struggling to reach that number. Another half hour passed, but Ye Xiu had no harvest. Count how many Christmas thieves there are in Sin City? Just saying, how can you do this kind of thing on your own? Although the guild is now bleak, but more or less can still find a little fish out of the net. As soon as these Christmas thieves are killed, the whole city is refreshed randomly,liquid bottle filling machine, but the number is small. Simply speaking, the density of Christmas thieves has dropped a lot, and it is no longer something that can be found casually. gzxilinear.com


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