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A wedding band is a ring that you wear on your finger to symbolize your marriage. It’s usually made of gold or platinum, but can also be made of other metals such as silver, tungsten and palladium.


Wedding rings are available in different styles and designs; they come in various widths, profiles, and styles to suit your needs. Some popular wedding ring styles include domed rings, flat band rings, and flat profile bands with inset diamonds or other gems around the whole circumference of the band.

When did men start wearing wedding rings?

The tradition of male wedding rings as we know it began in the early twentieth century. During the World Wars, soldiers wore wedding rings to remember their loved ones. Male wedding bands did not become the sentimental item that they are today until after the Korean War.

Who was the first to wear wedding rings?

Did you know that the first wedding ring was made 3000 years ago? The first written record of a formal exchange of rings between two people was discovered in ancient Egypt. Couples exchanging rings made of hemp or reeds were depicted in writings known as papyrus scrolls.


Where did the ring in marriage come from?

The custom of exchanging wedding rings dates back to ancient Rome. However, unlike in modern marriage ceremonies, rings were not exchanged between partners when they married. Instead, Roman men would present the bride’s father with a ring as a symbol of purchase.

Who came up with the idea of proposing with a ring?

The first historical reference dates back to 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a custom-made diamond engagement ring.

Are wedding rings required?

While not entirely necessary, a wedding band is a well-loved tradition all over the world. This ring represents eternal love and union.

Do want a wedding ring?

If you are looking for a wedding ring, there are many online jewelry stores that sell both mens wedding rings and womens wedding rings. For example, Touchwood is one such jewelry store where you can find your perfect wedding rings.


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