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Function Over Fashion: Essentials in Your Suit Purchase Worth Considering

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If you are investing in a quality made to measure suit, instead of simply following a fashion trend that will go out of style next year, make your Custom Tailor Suit timeless, that will last you several wears and serve you for many occasions.



Suit buttons


There are one, two, three, four, and even five-button suits available when purchasing a suit. Avoid using ones, fours, and fives.


The two-button suit will be the best option for 95% of you, this is a classic vintage style and the most versatile. A three button suits works if you're taller and want to appear a little more formal. If you are a shorter guy, avoid the three-button suit, it will drown you and make you look like the suit is wearing you, rather than the other way around.


The general suit etiquette for a two-button suit is that you only button the top button. For a three-button suit, you have the option to button the top two, but the common way of wearing it is simply fastening the middle button.


Suit lapels


The lapel choice is quite strategic depending on what you want to achieve and the type of occasion, your options are a shawl, peak or notch lapels. They come in different widths to suit your upper body size.


The shawl lapels are basically a black-tie dinner suit or also called a tuxedo, it is a formal suit and are only worn in formal occasion, you can get them in several colours and in velvet fabrics, the most common colour is a black tuxedo.


Peak lapels are a slightly more formal visual appearance to a notch lapel, depending on the width of the lapel, sometimes they are known to draw a lot of attention. But form a styling perspective the peak lapel tends to broaden your shoulders; it pushes your eye outwards and helps make your shoulders look broader and wider, an aesthetic that is considered attractive on a male body. Be mindful if you go two wide it can overpower your complete outfit and look too much.


The notch lapel is your best choice, it is safe, timeless and pairs with almost anything in your wardrobe. Although it won't be recognized for its inventiveness, it is ageless and will still be fashionable in ten years. The art of styling a notch is playing with the lapel width, a slim fit suit generally has a slimmer lapel, and a tailored or classic style suit has bit more of a wider lapel width.




Suit jacket pockets


Your suit pockets at the waist generally have two options when creating a custom suit, a three pocket which includes a ticket pocket or a two pocket.


The pockets have an option to have flaps or no flaps. The classic style is to have the flaps, but lot of new trendy suits come without the flap. But note that if the pockets are functional, you can always tuck in the flap if needed.


Another pocket style more commonly used on linen suits, and smart casual blazers are the patch pocket, this gives much more of a relaxed vibe, think that linen look in Santorini! This is the soul that you are embodying when pulling of a blazer with patch pockets.


Almost all suits have a left-hand chest pocket, this is where you place your pocket square to bring out a bit of “cool”, the chest pocket in a custom suit generally has a few options either a straight or curve pocket style.



Suit jacket vents



The slits in the rear of your jacket, called vents, provide you with more movement space. A single vent, a twin vent, or no vent are your options. It can also be used to create a jacket silhouette that does not flair out too much at the waist when you are walking.



The classic double vent is the English style of suit, this is a Saville Row pattern block dug out from a classic English tailor, you get the picture,  this is the most classic and formal suit, it allows a lot more comfort and movement room and has a very elegant look.


The single vent more commonly known as the American Suit, is perhaps the most common that is found in the market, the beauty of the single vent is that it can play the role of formal and casual at the same time, all depending on how you choose to style your look. It is a very versatile look and highly recommend a single vent for sports blazers.  



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