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Functions of Rivet Clips

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Rivet Clips are cylindrical and headed fasteners that are pushed or pressed in place to secure 2 or more items together.  Applications for rivet clipsinclude the automotive, electronics, appliance, furniture, and construction industries.  Rivet clips are also known as push-in fasteners, push rivets, or Christmas tree fasteners.

The primary function of Rivet clipsis to secure two items together.  Rivet Clips are commonly made of plastic and some are made of metal.  The fasteners are generally less than half an inch or a few millimeters in diameter & are available in many diverse colors.

Rivet clips Types

There are numerous styles of push-in rivets that cover a diversity of applications.  Some of the popular types of push-in rivets are

  • Quarter Turn is pushed in place but is released with a quarter turn.
  • Screw Type One-Piece is pushed in place & to remove the pin it must be unscrewed.
  • The beveled Head is a very quick installation with a beveled head for a cleaner finish.
  • Beveled Head Push-in Rivets
  • Fir Tree has ribs that deflect & then go back in place to lock in position.
  • Heat Sink has a spring that is used to keep continuous pressure on the heat sink & the processor for nonstop thermal transfer.
  • The button has a clean finished look in the shape of a button.
  • Countersunk is easily installed flush-mounted, and tamper-resistant rivet.
  • Expansion has a pin that breaks leaving a finished appearance with a secure fastening.
  • Folding Leg is pushed in place & the legs of the pin get pushed out to lock it into place.
  • Key Hole has a key-shaped locking device that creates a tight fit.
  • Knob-Head is placed by a push-pull motion.
  • Push Release has a pin that is pushed to place to lock &then pushed again to release.
  • Three & Four Prong has tapered prongs with a round head & is non-removable.
  • Two Prong Pre-Driven has a rounded head with 2 prongs &is non-removable.


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