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Fungus Hack works mainly to prevent fungal infectionsFungusHack Reviewin the body. As we know, the most common problem in adults and children is a fungal infection.Once you've soaked your feet for a good ten minutes, your next step on would be to scrub off all the dead skin that the soak has loosened up. But you don't believe that you need to get any special exfoliants off-the-shelf do you? You just need sugar, and perhaps a little almond oil to smooth the action. If you do wish to go buy ready-made though, that's a way to go too. Whichever product you choose, begin at the tough skin around your heels, and scrub all the way up to your toes with a gentle circular action. Make sure you cover your entire foot and go all the way up to your calves.

Any foot care you need done will require a pumice stone to help you grind down any tough spots like calluses. Coat the area you wish to work on with a little shower gel, and get to work with the stone. Remember that you're not trying to get your skin raw – be gentle with the stone, remembering that you only need to get rid of the dead skin, not the live stuff. Use a gentle to-and-fro motion to scrape all the right places off.

For the next step, which would be to take care of the toenails, I especially like the affordable-and-yet-high -quality Sally Hansen LaCross Comfort Curve toenail clippers that you can get at any drugstore for a couple of dollars. The first cut can be somewhat angular; and you can around your nails out beautifully with a nice glass nail file after that. Make sure that you get them nicely shaped so that there are no issues with ingrown nails later on. That should break the back of the project; to seal in all the freshness, use a nice pampering foot treatment cream, and massage it in taking your time. The massage helps with the circulation, and gets you feeling really like you are walking on air.



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