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Birthdays are a significant celebration in everyone’s life. We wait for this day every year knowing it is the day you were born into this world; it is about making another year of your life notwithstanding all those problems and challenges you have been through. Each of us loves getting birthday gifts and wishes regardless of whether we celebrate or not. Giving greetings to someone on his or her birthday is telling him or her that they mean a special place to you and that is the reason you wanted to remember their big day.

Simple thoughts can go farther than extravagant gifts, as letting individuals know that they are truly valued. Gifting with wordings is again a great way that makes it very valuable for them as souvenirs. Greetings with an assortment of themes can be found online and on Social media like Facebook such as funny birthday memes, which you can simply grab for free.

These days, because of social media finding greeting card or birthday quotes are easier to find. There are funny birthday memes that add humorous vibes to the greetings. Even if the message has a mix of craziness about the celebrant, this is appreciable for them, making them feel more special.

A few examples messages of funny birthday memes are:

  1. Happy Birthday! Thank You for always being older than me.
  2. Do you know what rhymes with Happy Birthday? It’s Wine.
  3. May you grow old that people mistake your boobs for nuts! Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday! Today we’ll learn the letters O-L-D.
  5. It’s your birthday! I’m controlling my excitement.
  6. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Just so you know I love cake!
  7. There is no such thing as Happy Birthday when you celebrate it at work.
  8. Happy Birthday! At least you’re not as old as you’ll be next year.
  9. Happy Birthday! Enjoy eating your cake without any teeth!
  10. It’s your birthday, but all your friends are in quarantine.

These Happy Birthday memes will make the celebrant happier reading it. You can use in the same way how you hand out your birthday cards to motivate and bring enjoyment to one of your families or friends on a natal day. Unlike e-cards that you usually send them by email, the funny birthday memes are handier since they are free to save to a device that you prefer like a computer or mobile, and then send the image file to your recipient.

If you are looking for funny birthday memes for anyone close to you, simply explore the Internet. There are over a thousand hilarious greetings you can pick from a variety of websites like memesfeel.com if you want the celebrant to laugh out loud this special day.


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