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Furniture Moving Hacks: Know the Best Tips for Moving Your Furniture Safely

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Whether you are buying new furniture or moving the existing pieces into a new home, lifting heavy furniture is quite an overwhelming task. You can’t do it on your own. Picking large pieces and shifting them can wreck your back.

Besides, furniture moving is not easy. You are supposed to disassemble certain pieces to ensure they fit through small spaces without damaging your property. That’s where Quick & Easy Moving can help. They offer quick, affordable, and efficient moving services. You get peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling the furniture moving.

Seek Help

Professional help is highly recommended for furniture moving. As mentioned above, lifting heavy sofas and dining tables is not a task you can DIY. It requires experienced and professional furniture movers to carry those heavy pieces of furniture from one place to another. One of the biggest advantages of working with movers is that they make sure your furniture is moved easily to your new apartment.

Lighten the Load

If you have noticed, professional movers never carry heavy furniture without disassembling the parts first. Fortunately, most modern sofas and furniture parts can be disassembled. You can take certain parts out to lighten the load so the furniture can be lifted and moved easily. Remove content inside the drawer or take the drawer itself out if possible. Take out the legs, knobs, and other parts of furniture and pack them in a cardboard box. Basically, your movers will take care of the furniture assembling and disassembling.

Gather the Necessary Tools for Moving

Whether you are moving furniture on your own or working with a professional mover, you will need a set of the right tools and accessories to lift and move heavy pieces effortlessly. Start with the cardboard boxes and tapes. Get bubble wrap and other packing accessories to wrap your furniture properly before moving.

Stair rollers, gliders & sliders, and dollies are a few additional moving accessories for heavy and large furniture. Ideally, furniture movers in Burnaby will bring all these accessories to simplify your job. But, if you are DIYing the move, you will have to arrange these tools yourself.

Measure Space

This is the most important step. As you move furniture through narrow hallways and staircases, you need to see if there’s sufficient space for the sofas and couches. Delicate furniture, such as your dining tables and lightweight recliners, can break or get scratched while you are moving them. So, it is important to measure the available space and then calculate the dimensions of your furniture to see if they can fit through small corners.

Pack Your Furniture

Wrap your furniture with quilted pads and bubble wrap to ensure its protection during the move. You don’t want to damage your doorways or the stairs while moving heavy furniture. Packing won’t only protect your delicate furniture, but it protects your property too.

Quick & Easy Moving is your best company if you are planning to relocate your furniture to a new apartment.


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