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Engineering is an evergreen field of study that will never run out of vogue. Moreover, it is vast and prevalent across several sectors. The global industrial revolution has introduced several latest technologies to the world. Every engineer must imbibe these technologies to become relevant for the future. Needless to say, the industry will also embrace proactive and forward-thinking engineers.  

Therefore, it has become imperative for every engineering aspirant to upskill himself and opt for an engineering course that will make him relevant for future technological advancements. Here are some futuristics engineering course options according to the top 10 universities in Rajasthan that every aspirant should consider in 2021:

B. Tech in Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

Smart manufacturing market is expected to grow at a rapid rate in 2021. Therefore, concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping, sensors, 3D printing, robotic designing and controls are some of the popular trends to look out for.
Apart from this, common ecosystems and smart homes, are also gaining popularity in 2021. Hence, learning the Internet of Things will prove to be a wise choice here. Major career options for the Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT engineers are:

  • Robotics system designer

  • Automotive embedded engineer

  • Process planning engineer

B.Tech in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Nanotechnology is all about atomic, molecular, and supramolecular matters. Moreover, students will also learn about material processing, material science, and self-healing polymers in advanced material stream. Interested candidates can expect job opportunities like:


  • Material design engineer

  • Research scientist

B. Tech in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering

The entire world is going towards renewable and sustainable technology. Electric vehicles, energy-saving appliances, plastics alternatives, and access to solar energy all a part of this endeavour. Students who want to make it big in the future can go for this promising course. The top three career options are:

  • Energy auditors

  • Power engineers

  • Transportation engineering

B. Tech in Wearable Technology and Embedded System

Smart and wearable devices have gained a lot of popularity among fitness enthusiasts and tech lovers. It is also a prominent part of healthcare, advanced textiles, and navigation systems. Some of the top career options for the Wearable Technology and Embedded System graduates are:

  • Firmware engineer

  • IoT trainer/engineer

  • Automotive embedded engineer

These were some of the top futuristics engineering courses that students must consider in 2021. If you also aspire to become it big in one of these fields make sure you target the best BTech college in Rajasthan. You can also consult your seniors or mentors to understand more about these courses. Good luck. 


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