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All summer long, I throw green, sentimental cuttings and vegetable peelings into the compost bin at the end of the garden clearance Merton. Every autumn – perfectly on one of those cool, brittle days that are just made for digging –

 I turn it out and find strata of deep brown, brittle compost under the top layer of unrotted leek tops and onion skins, to spread on my borders.

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Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton
Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton

It is a beautiful, simple system: waste turns into nutrients to feed them, and largeness to get better the soil. Which produces more growth, which ultimately goes back into the compost bin. The circle is closed.

But not all waste is so easy. Does everyone have a chipper to cut up woody pruning and turn them into mulch? I am fairly sure not.

And what on Earth do you everyone do with the roots of couch grass and bindweed? I think the answer is beautifully straightforward.

Green council bin

We send them off in the green council bin, or we save them up in an unattractive pile and drive them to the tip. Or, if our allocation committees or washing-line schedules let us acquire away with it, we make a bonfire and fire them.

But I do not want to cart mine away. I like the closed circle, and it is not just a hippy affectation. Growth removes nutrients from the soil, and if we later burn or cart this off. We have to put back those nutrients by shipping in fertilizers and organic matter from elsewhere.

It is a less green way of garden clearance Merton, but it is also more complicated and time-consuming: a lose-lose situation. Here are a pair of neat ways I have found to turn problem waste into a benefit.

Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton
Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton

Pondweed bins

Perennial weeds are a huge problem for me. While we have to end with (after seven years on the allotment) compressed the couch grass back to a point where we can trick ourselves we have the upper hand, those roots do keep on coming.

Couch grass, bindweed, and dandelions all have broad, white, persistent roots. But even the smallest part of a root in the compost will spring into life and send its roots out through the entire thing else in there.

The best resolution I have found is to go down them. Those roots are stores of energy, so they take a long time to die. But dunked for more than a few months in dustbins complete with water. They ultimately rot down into a compostable paste.

But what of all the nutrients those weeds took from the earth? The water turns rich and nutritious and starts to smell horrible. It can be used in its raw form as a “weed tea” – a fertilizer to be diluted and watered onto plants. But I am trying something else too: floating duckweed on the top

Scooped from the pool and added to my weed bins, the duckweed is accurate at the house. It loves the nutrient-rich water and gorges itself on it (which also helps to stay the stench down), quickly spreading to cover the water.

It is also a big addition to the compost mound – just move smoothly it off the surface and dump it on the pile, leaving a few pieces behind to re-grow.

Or just put it straight onto the soil as a mulch. Once out of the water, the duckweed rapidly dies, but it keeps weeds down and adds large organic matter – magic for soil structure – and, of course, those nutrients.

Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton
Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton

departed hedge

What to do with woody pruning from trees, shrubs, and perennials, other than burning them? I have made mine into a dead hedge.

In fact, I have made several: I am somewhat addicted and have two at the allotment and one at home. It is a very simple idea.

You drive two parallel lines of stakes into the ground, between 35-60cm apart, and throw your pruning into the space between them. While this does not return nutrients to the garden clearance services in Merton with any great speed, it does serve more than a few functions.

It deals with this type of waste, above all, and also creates a gorgeous screen. I love the look as the variety of layers of twigs build up, reminiscent of a rammed earth wall.

All those nooks, crannies, and stems make a wonderful, steady home for wildlife. Plus it does leisurely rot down: although I normally pile clippings onto my dead hedges. None ever entirely runs out of space for more.

Both solutions keep the waste within the garden clearance, Merton. Rather than sending it off to the tip, which cuts down work. And each augments the garden in some way, turning my problem waste into something gorgeous and/or helpful.

Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton
Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton

More clever ways with garden clearance Merton

Composting includes all your vegetable peelings and green waste in a bog-standard compost storage bin. Cooked food, dairy, meat, and eggs need to be reserved out, though, or you’ll attract rats.

A good balance of green, sappy waste and something to immerse it up, such as cardboard, makes for happy, simple compost.


Another method to compost uncooked and cooked kitchen scraps, these make a well, rich compost that is good for containers. 

That is why we created a different option: to keep our reporting open for all readers. Regardless of where they live or whether they can have enough money to pay. This means more citizens can be superior informed, united, and inspired to take necessary action.

Hot composting

The basket is designed to heat up to temperatures that make it safe to put in cooked food. Some, used well, can get tepid enough that they will kill perennial weed roots, but few make any promises on this.

Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton
Garden clearance Merton| House clearance Merton

You stock up on kitchen waste

Cooked, meat and all – covered with bokashi grains in a sealed bin for two weeks, then put in it your normal compost bin or unswervingly to the surface of the soil.

The pickling process makes the waste break down into compost very rapidly and renders it unattractive to rats.

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