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Gardening Tasks to Complete This Spring in US

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Gardening Tasks to Complete This Spring in US

If you're a committed gardener, the first warm second of spring will find you in your garden. While clearing up fallen branches and trash is OK, wait until the soil is dry enough to walk on and compact before doing so. However, do not put off cleaning for too long. It's much easier to prune down plants before the old growth tangles with the new. For a lovely spring and summer garden, follow these suggestions.

Your Perennial Flowers Should Be Mulched and Pruned

The first step is to remove any dead annual plants that have survived the winter and compost them. These will not come back, and any self-seeders will have completed their task.

If you didn't prune your perennials back last autumn, they're probably looking a little scruffy now that spring has arrived. Many perennials prefer to be left standing throughout the winter for extra protection. On the other hand, herbaceous perennials will die back to the ground in the winter. If you left your perennials standing last autumn, it's fine to start removing winter mulch and trimming them down to size once you notice new growth at the base of the plants.

Grass Trimming

If you left them up for winter interest, you could chop back your ornamental grasses as soon as you have access to them. You do not have to wait for new growth to appear. Grass cut to a few inches above the ground level. When they're ready, they'll come back up.

Edge Mulch

Mulch conserves water, cools plant roots, feeds the soil, and smothers weeds, to name a few benefits. Every garden, without a doubt, needs mulch. Before replacing your mulch, wait for the soil to warm up and dry out a little. Please keep it away from your plants' stems and crowns, and give self-seeding volunteers time to germinate before mulching the bed.



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