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The RTX 3090 and RTX 3060 graphics cards of Nvidia are at opposite extremes regarding their performance, but which one you should choose depends on how you will use them.

The latest graphics cards lineup RTX-30 series of Nvidia has included five graphics cards. Nvidia has designed all these graphics cards to suit every manner of online gaming ranging from 1080p to 8K. The GeForce RTX 3060 sits at the bottom of the RTX   30 new lineup. On the contrary, RTX 3090 is entirely different from delivering industry-standard and exceptional performance without any compromise. Undoubtedly, the price difference between the two products is also more significant, seeing their roles in the sphere of PC gaming.

The starting price of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is $329 if you can acquire it. On contrast, the RTX 3090 graphics cards’ starting price is $1,499, which is more than four times the RTX 3060’s price. Also, it can be considered as the most expensive Ampere based graphics card. Due to the current shortage in the stock of RTX 30-series graphics cards of Nvidia, its third-part prices are also significantly higher. Both graphics cards of Nvidia, RTX 3090, and RTX 3060 are based on the new Ampere technology of the company and the cores of third-generation Tensor and featuring Ray Tracing cores the second generation. However, these are the only similarities between the two graphics cards; otherwise, they are entirely different.

The features of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 include GDDR6X VRAM of 24 GB, CUDA Cores of 10,496, the memory bus of 384-bit, and a boost of 1.70GHz of clock speed. On the other hand, the features of RTX 3060 includes GDDR6 VRAM of 12GB, 3,584 CUDA Cores, a memory bus of 192-bit, and a clock speed of 1.78GHz. When it comes to specifications, there is no competition between the two Nvidia graphics cards. However, it is expected while looking at the massive difference between these two graphics cards’ prices. It can be said that the RTX 3090 of Nvidia is 20 percent faster than the Nvidia’s RTX 3060 if we compare even if the specifications only.

RTX 3090 Vs. RTX 3060: Enthusiast Gaming Vs. Budget Gaming

According to the market leader in designing graphics cards, Nvidia, the graphics card RTX 3080 was enhanced to deliver better performance when compared to the GPUs of 2x RTX 2080. Seeing this, RTX 3090 can be considered the absolute beast in terms of performance as the company has also acclaimed it as the Titan replacement. The Titan RTX or GTX graphics cards of Nvidia have always been positioned at the top of Nvidia’s graphics card lineup designed specifically for online gaming.

The company has claimed the RTX 3090  has been designed to perform 50 percent faster in comparison to RTX Titan. It is visible that Nvidia is willing to take an ambitious and massive leap with its top-tier and exceptional GPU of RTX 30-series to target 8K online gaming.

On the contrary, the company is willing to replace GTX 1060 with RTX 3060. RTX 3060 stands at the opposite end of the entire spectrum. Regarding GTX 1060, it is one of the widely popular graphics cards that the software distribution platform, Steam uses the most. RTX 3060 is the most affordable graphics card of Nvidia among the GPU series of RTX-30. It can perform 20 percent better than the previously introduced graphics card RTX 2060. However, it can perform massively extraordinary after getting the upgrade from the GTX 2060. Nvidia has said that RTX 3060 is enabled for ray tracing and can reach around 1080p (60fps) in Cyberpunk 2077 with deep learning super sampling technology.

However, the target of RTX 3060 to provide smooth online gaming with ray tracing falls short when compared with ambitions and 8K technology used  RTX 3090 by the company. It means the RTX 3090 serves the enthusiast online game players’ needs, whereas the RTX 3060 is intended for the online game players on a tight budget.

When choosing between the two graphics cards, it is easy to choose which you want by looking at their features and performance. It would be best to consider the excellent value that the RTX 3060 offers and the least value that the monstrous and exceptional RTX 3090 offers compared to any new graphics card under the 30-series lineup. It is folly when you expect value when choosing among the best of the best technology. Moreover, the users can get extraordinary performance from the RTX 3090 that none other graphics cards in the 30-series can offer. The users should keep in mind that if they want to access the full potential of the RTX 3090, they will need powerful hardware, which, of course, are not cheap.

Source- GeForce RTX 3090 Vs. 3060: How Nvidia’s Expensive and Cheap Cards Compare


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