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General contractors need to move a wide variety of items. It could be sheets of drywall, heavy boxes of tile, or entire sinks with cabinets. The right material handling tools, from classic hand trucks to powered stair climbing dollies, can make these tasks far easier. Here are some items your general contracting business might want to keep on hand for employees.

Classic Hand Trucks for Moving Miscellaneous Boxes

The classic hand truck is the ideal tool for moving boxes and other small items weighing 500 pounds. These could be heavy tiles that you don’t want to carry by hand, boxes of supplies and tools, or other items you need for the job.

A hand truck is versatile and stows easily, making it perfect for keeping in a truck or van. The traditional hand truck is a workhorse in the material handling industry and comes in handy in a variety of situations. Choose one with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame, and it will serve you well for years.

Handle Heavier Items with a Heavy Duty Hand Truck

The heavy duty hand truck is perfect for moving bulkier, heavier items up to 800 pounds. It offers a higher weight capacity than the classic hand truck, and you can find options such as side wings and self-retracting ratchet straps that help hold larger items in place.

Whether you’re moving furniture in or out of a room or need to move a granite countertop, the heavy duty hand truck can help you get the job done without the need for a team lift. This is the ultimate tool for handling the heaviest loads.

Tackle Stairs with a Powered Stair Climbing Dolly

If you are working on the second floor or basement of a home, you’ll need to move heavy items up or down stairs. With a powered stair climbing dolly, it’s easy to move items up and down sets of stairs. The dolly does most of the job for you, helping you save energy.

A heavy duty version is also available, capable of handling loads up to 725 pounds. All you need to do is stay in an ergonomic position while the powered stair climbing hand truck does the rest, keeping you and the item safe.

The Convertible Hand Truck Offers Unmatched Versatility

Moving oddly shaped items can be a hassle. Moving multiple boxes of heavy tile, grout, and tools at the same time can be tricky. With a convertible hand truck, you get all the versatility of the classic hand truck and more.

It can quickly convert to a horizontal hand cart in four-wheel mode, giving you more room to move things and a higher weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. When the task is done, it just takes seconds to convert it back to a classic hand truck.

About Magline

The material handling industry isn’t without its challenges. From warehouse teams to professional movers, workers everywhere rely on Magliner material handling tools to meet these daily challenges. Magliner hand trucks are well-known for their durability and dependability, created with high-quality materials and modular components for endless customization and easy repairs. From a powered hand truck selection to heavy duty powered stair climbing hand trucks, there’s a Magliner for every job. Magliner material handling tools have set a high standard in the material handling industry for over 75 years. With every new model, the brand continues innovating. Check out the full selection today.

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