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Genuine Ways to Amplify the Website Traffic

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All businesses thrive for one thing and struggle hard to increase website traffic. Attracting visitors to a business is a real task and a marketer needs to think of strategies that can bring positive results. Digital promotion makes sure that the targeted and desired audience.

Here I am discussing a few genuine ways specifically SEO that you can use to increase website traffic.

Let’s get started.

1. Do Keyword Research: Every business website is based on particular services or products in mind. While building a website, always include the keywords in your content that are relevant to your business.

To find out the keywords that make sense to your business, conduct a keyword research analysis on tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. You can also perform a competitor keyword analysis and track what your competitors are focusing on. Tools like SEMrush can offer valuable insights for a keyword and can inform you of the cost of a keyword for PPC.

One thing, you need to avoid is to overstuffing the keyword in the content. Ensure that the keyword stuffed in the content looks natural to the visitor who is supposed to read that content.

It is also crucial to use the well-researched keywords in the meta description, meta title, page title, URL, and a few times in the content.

2. Write Engaging Content: Once you are aware of what your audience searches through Google and list out necessary keywords, it becomes easy to think of the content you want to publish. You need to post content that is engaging and memorable. Mind the tone of the content and use easy-to-remember words and sentences. People search on Google when they need answers to a specific problem, if you are providing them the solutions then present them most easily and simply.

Also, try to post the content on your website more than 16 times in a month. Statistics confirm that such sites get 3.5% more traffic in comparison to websites that publish zero to four articles.

Guest Post Always Works: One efficient way to generate traffic and backlinks is to perform guest posting. Look out for the websites that pitch in the same industry that you do. The websites that allow guest posting has specific guidelines about what type of content they can publish so read them carefully and boost referral traffic. You can also ask the publication if they can promote your content and tag your business on social platforms.

Also, allow other writers to post content on your website. Make sure that you post high-quality content with no spam links. 

4. Create Stunning Visuals: Google loves images and gives chance to rank faster in SERP. You can use some great tools to represent concepts and data. Also, when someone will be using your visuals they will link back to your website and you will earn visitors each time they click on that link.

You can also incorporate a small video in your content to exemplify the content in a better way. Videos and images attract more visitors and try to keep your users engaged with the website.

5. Submit Press Releases: A press release is an official announcement of the news happening in a business. You need to publish press releases of your business updates to some trustworthy websites. Your work doesn’t stop here, you need to push the release to influential publications. The press release can in turn provide you with a dozen leads and increase traffic for your website.

6. Be Active on Social Media Pages: Social networking sites connect people to their interests. Your business will also attract visitors on social media pages by creating and sharing amazing content. Use relevant hashtags, share posts or infographics, tag influencers, and target interested startups or businesses to win social media.

7. Make Your Site Responsive:648 billion (83.72%) of the world’s population own a smartphone. Statistics confirm that mobile acquires more traffic than desktop. Google also prioritizes websites that are responsive to different devices. Ensure to optimize every aspect of your website. You should have a smooth navigational style to dictate to your visitors flawlessly. Implementing schema markup will result in rich site snippets, so use it wisely.

8. Track Your Strategy: Once you have implemented all your strategies, never forget how those strategies are working. Google Analytics is an irreplaceable source that can let you know how your visitors interact with your website and how many are visiting. Until you do not analyze your strategies, you won’t be able to understand the behavior of your approaches. You will be able to understand where your plans are affecting the most.

Final Thoughts:

Well, bringing traffic to a website is an unending task. But the important thing is that the results stay for a long time. SEO strategies that I have discussed above are free and anyone can use them effectively. It may happen that you do not see the sudden website traffic, but over time, your website credibility will grow and Google will rank your posts on SERP if you do the genuine work.

Well, trust is something that is made by real efforts. So first, try to build that trust and keep providing the content or services your audience is asking you to remain their and Google’s favorite.



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