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A destiny is a point in life attained as a result of a path chosen based on one's ‘thinking and dedication. You have little influence over your future when you are born. To achieve the power to reach your desired future, you must connect with your true you, which needs self-reinvention, recreation, and rebuilding. You must do so until you are strong enough to break free from any influence preventing you from attaining greatness! Failure, suffering, doubt, worry, anxiety, turbulence, anger, and heartbreak are all inescapable. You must learn to become greater than each of them and utilize them as tools to develop a stronger and better self.

Gerard Grogans can be easily taken as a living example of breaking away from past negative emotions and influences that could potentially take a toll on his future. Not only this, he is now focused on helping others going through similar circumstances by sharing his own tragic experiences and how he coped with them. Today he stands as a recognized thought expert in assisting others in leading happy and meaningful lives. But then again, behind every happy story is a tragic past, and Grogans also suffered growing up as a child.

The journey he has covered all the way to this day speaks of bravery, the will to never give up, and, most notably, how you can transform yourself into the best possible version of yourself by extracting the positive from the negative. Grogans has a unique perspective on suffering due to his upbringing in the face of mental and physical trauma. It helped him develop the skills and strategies to help others change, grow, and transform themselves. He helps people understand and acknowledge the significance of hardships in life since they make them more passionate and caring.

Gerard Grogans has dedicated his life to helping others overcome the mental barriers and restraints that prevent them from realizing their greatest potential, becoming the best versions of themselves, and living meaningful lives. His desire to help others led him to write his book “The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in Six Simple Steps.”

As a child, his father called him dumb, stupid, and even worthless and said he was not worth anything. For children at such a fragile age, such comments, especially from the father, can have a substantial negative impact on their mental state as they grow up. However, in Grogans’ case, he picked on the positive side of what was said and done to him. In his book, he has touched on many aspects of recreating life which he himself has applied in his life and was able to set himself free from pain and trauma. He illustrates how your environment, previous failures, traumatic events, discouraging words from others, and your own limiting beliefs restrict your creativity and steal your abilities to the point that you are dragged into a slow-burning trap of worry, misery, and self-doubt.

Gerard Grogans understands that much of his unconscious training and conditioning compelled him to live the life he lives today. He helps people realize that it is entirely up to them to have a better life and reality. It all begins with the decision to be someone else, so Grogans set off on a voyage of self-discovery and change, discovering six principles to help you become the best version of yourself attainable.

In addition to being a role model for many, Grogans served in the Army's 82nd Special Operations Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for eight years. After completing his military service. He went on to get a bachelor's degree in sacred theology, a bachelor's degree in general psychology, and a doctorate in metaphysical psychology before the age of 50. For over 15 years, Gerard has been recognized as the top sales professional in three industries.

With Gerard Grogan's life as an example, you can learn how self-determination can play a pivotal role in your life and how you can let go of the past agonies stopping you from realizing your full potential. On top, through his life, you can better understand how you can take the negativity and positivity on the same plate and use all the colors to paint a beautiful and meaningful sketch of your life on the canvas. Grogans has learned so much through the negatives of his past and transformed himself and his life into a better version. Gerard Grogans portrayed through his endeavors and hardships how to attain greatness by breaking away from negative influence.


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