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Gerbils Are Social Creatures That Can Be Tamed

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Gerbil Social Behaviors: Introducing a New Cage | Soldan's Pet Supplies |  Bay City, MI - Charlotte, MI - Dewitt, MI - Midland, MI - Mt. Pleasant, MI  - Okemos, MI - Lansing, MI - Lansing, MI

Gerbils are rodents native to Asia and Africa. These tiny creatures are used to living in colonies and enjoy burrowing in the wild. Because of their adorable appearance, these animals have been domesticated as pets over the years. Are you surprised? Do not be. While these rodents scratch and bite (like other rodents) when they feel threatened or scared, they can be tamed.

Yes, that is right. You can discipline your gerbils to behave well at home. Experts say taming gerbils is easy because these rodents are social animals. So, how can you do it successfully? Here are the steps:

· Offer the gerbil treat or snack through the spaces in between the cage bars.
· As the gerbil accepts the treat regularly, try offering it with an open door.
· You may start placing the snack on your palm.
· Eventually, the rodent will go to your open hand and enjoy the snack.

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