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Cleaning of your Mac means to clean or delete all the unnecessary data in the form of cookies, files in the cache memory of the Mac, and other temporary files that automatically get created while using the Mac. Cleaning of a Mac has become very easy with the help of Mac cleaning tools available in the market because it is tough for a user to delete every unwanted file from every folder of a Mac.

For the better and enhanced performance of your Mac, it is recommended to clean and remove all the junk and unwanted files from your Mac. You do not have to waste your precious time to clean all the files separately because the Mac cleaner tools are there in the market that cleans a Mac machine within a few minutes. However, Mac also has a built-in cleaner that is Optimized Storage, but it has limited features and is capable of cleaning only primary data. To clean your Mac thoroughly, you need an external Mac cleaner tool to accomplish the task.

Here we will discuss some of the best free and premium versions of Mac cleaning tools.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac cleaners available today. It scans your Mac entirely through it’s Smart Scan feature. It also works as an anti-malware tool that checks for any malicious software. It is capable of removing all the cache files, junk files, and other temporary unwanted files. It also enhances the performance of the Mac. It analyzes the unused apps and uninstalls them automatically by saving your time. The premium version of CleanMyMac X costs you USD 39.95 along with the free version, which is also available.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is another Mac cleaning tool and is responsible for cleaning the junk files from your Mac, which makes your Mac work slow. It enhances the performance of your Mac and is also awarded the ‘Mac-Gem’ award in the year 2013. It is available in the market at USD 2.99.


MacBooster is another favorite app for cleaning the Mac. It has plenty of different features that contribute to make it a unique cleaning tool. It has a part to remove duplicate files from your Mac. Hence it makes more free space as compared to other cleaning tools. It is capable of deleting several different types of junk files simultaneously. It also works as an antivirus by removing malicious data from the browser of your Mac. The premium version of the MacBooster app is available at USD 59.95 and also offers a free version.


Onyx is a light-weighted app required to clean your Mac. The size of the Onyx app is only 5 MB. It is developed by Titanium software. Most of the users doubt its capabilities because of its size, but this is not the truth. It has several fantastic features and capabilities that are helpful in removing all the unwanted data from your Mac. It allows you to make your folders invisible and change their color according to your preference. It cleans your disk and removes all cache files from your Mac. Another advantage of the Onyx app is, it comes with a free version.


DaisyDisk is another Mac cleaning app that enables users to delete all the unnecessary folders from their Mac by scanning the whole disk and giving a visual representation of their MacBook. It allows you to select a drive, and after that, you can delete the required folder, which is taking extra space in your Mac. It comes with a trial version, and after that, its premium version is chargeable at the rate of USD 9.99.

AppCleaner & Uninstaller

AppCleaner & Uninstaller is the app used to uninstall unwanted apps from your Mac. It removes all the applications which are not required by the users by drag and drop method. It shares a very clean User-Interface. AppCleaner & Uninstaller is developed by FreeMacSoft and is available for free, which adds up to its advantage list.

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is another tool for cleaning your MacBook. It is identical to many of the other cleaning tools but still possesses some great features. It allows you to run different types of “Scans,” For example, Junk Scan, Malware Scan, etc. It also has a feature to remove duplicate files from almost all the locations of your Mac. It is also helpful in cleaning disks and RAM of your Mac. Its demo version is available for free, and after that, it is chargeable at the rate of USD 56.62 annually.

Drive Genius

Drive Genius is one of the best Mac cleaning apps available in the market. It has a wide range of fantastic features that will help you in taking care of your Mac’s health. It not only allows you to remove cache files and malicious data from your Mac but also enable you to erase your files securely, customize the icons, and can search for the corrupted file on your drive. It is the best software for a user who is using the older versions of Mac. The free version of this app is called Limited Lite edition and can allow you to access limited features of this app. However, if you want to access all of its unique features, you need to upgrade it to its premium version known as Professional edition at a charge of USD 299 per year.


CCleaner is one of the oldest cleaning tools available in the market since 2004. It is accessible for all the platforms like Macs, Android, and even Personal Computers also. It also has a free version and a professional version. To access its entire feature, a user needs to purchase its professional version at the cost of USD 19.95 per year. However, its free version also allows most of its features like real-time alerts, free updates, and customized scans as per your requirement.


Sensei is the latest app for making the free space on your Mac’s drive and protecting your Mac from malicious data. It provides you with all the necessary details about your Mac. You can check the usage of RAM, temperature, and several similar kinds of features. It has a feature that allows you to check the fan’s speed of your Mac. It also allows you to remove cache files, junk files, and other temporary unwanted files, just like other cleaning tools. A free version of this app is also available in the market along with its premium version at the cost of USD 29 per year.

SOURCE:- Get a clean and fast Mac in minutes with these cleaners


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