Get a Tidal Student Discount with these Steps

Want to stream your desired music content at a reduced price? You can opt for the same. If you are a student, you don’t need to pay the complete fee for a Tidal music streaming subscription. You can get discounts provided you need to verify that you are a student. If you succeed in doing so, you can stream unlimited music at a lesser price than the actual cost of Tidal Premium. Many other services offer student discounts like Apple Music and Spotify, but there’s a lot that Tidal offers compared to others. It offers HiFi and Master quality sound even on a discounted price.

How to get a Tidal Student Discount?

If you want to get a Tidal student discount, you must be in “Title IV, degree-granting college/university in the US.” There are a vast number of classifications regarding students and schools, but the Tidal student discount does not apply to every situation. It uses a process that is similar to Spotify. Tidal works in collaboration with SheerID, a company that helps in verifying the status of the students.

Steps to Sign-Up for a Tidal Student Discount

If you get qualified for the student discount, you can sign up to receive the discount in a similar way with which you would have taken the traditional membership of Tidal music streaming service. Follow the steps mentioned below to know the procedure:

  1. From your browser, open the link and there you need to enter your email address, or you can simply log in with your Twitter or Facebook account for creating your Tidal account.
  2. After signing in to your newly created account, select your account from the Standard, Family, Student, or Military options.
  3. Click on Student, and then you need to complete the subscription procedure by entering your payment details.
  4. You can select the Premium or the HiFi plan for student discounts as desired.

How to Verify You’re a Student?

After signing in as a student, you will have to provide your student details on the link at Tidal, so as to prove that you are a student. On clicking the link, you will be given a two-page form to fill, and then you will be asked about some of your basic details. These details of yours will remain private and will not be shared outside of the verification process. In case you aren’t already there, you can go to the Tidal student discount page to select your school from the detailed list provided there and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. After visiting the Tidal student discount page, fill in the information required, and click on Continue.
  2. You will have to provide a document which should show your first and last name, your school name, and a date within the previous 4 months.
  3. Press on Upload and then select the document which you want to use for verifying your student status.
  4. After attaching the document, click on Next. You will see a confirmation page where you will see the statement mentioning that an email will be sent to you once your verification for the Tidal student discount is confirmed.

So, you can quickly get the Tidal student discount with the steps as mentioned above, but do make sure you have an ongoing student ID, which you will need at the time of online verification.



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