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How excited are you for spring? Sometimes, it can feel like winter goes on for just a little too long. When you’re ready to get back out there, you want to get moving, right?

However, as winter thaws and spring blooms, you might not feel quite as energized as you’d like to be—at least, not yet. What can you do to feel more like yourself and feel more energized and ready to go?

There are a few things you can do starting right now. These can be easy and effective ways to feel “boosted” and ready to jump into an active spring. So, get your favorite water bottle ready, grab a few chlorella or spirulina tablets, and let’s go!

Renew Your Focus on Hydration

You may do what you can to stay hydrated, but it’s not uncommon to drink less water during the winter months. This may be due to being less active, spending less time in the sun, or for no real reason at all. It just happens.

Spring is the perfect time to renew your focus on hydration. Filtered water, or water with hydration multipliers or alkalizing lemon, can be a quick and easy way to restore that energized feeling you’re searching for.

Water helps nourish our cells and tissues—which helps keep us feeling energized. Break out your favorite water bottle and keep it in arm’s reach at all times. If you have several water bottles, fill them and keep them in easily accessible places. The closer you are to a drink of water, the easier it is to stay hydrated.

Unlock the Power of Algae

Did you know algae can help you feel more energized too? Spirulina algae, in particular, is known to be an energizing algae because of its high protein and high B vitamins that convert the protein into steady energy and its antioxidants that protect mitochondria (which generate all of your cellular energy).

No surprise that spirulina algae has been a favorite of professional and Olympic athletes for decades. Both spirulina and chlorella algae are packed with other nutrients that can help the body thrive. You may feel less energized now, but once you start adding more water and spirulina algae to your daily routine, you’ll be locked and loaded for a busy spring.

Spirulina and chlorella tablets provide quite different benefits. For example, spirulina tablets are recognized for supporting energy, endurance, and focus, all of which can help you get back into the swing of things.

On the other hand, chlorella tablets have always been known to be a recovery algae due to their high concentration of cleansing chlorophyll and hard cell wall that attaches to toxins and lactic acid and removes them from your body.

Taking chlorella every night is like giving your body a shower from the inside. It gets rid of all the junk in your trunk and supports your recovery from the day. So whether you are biking, hiking, running, or walking, chlorella algae will help your body recover and be ready for the next day.

Embrace the Rays of the Sun

One reason so many of us look forward to spring has everything to do with sunlight. The days are getting longer, and for large parts of the country, sunshine is in the forecast. Real sunlight can help us feel more energized. It’s just a matter of getting that sunlight into our daily lives.

If you work in an office, for instance, and spend much of the week indoors, it can be beneficial to take time out of your day—even if it’s busy—to embrace the sun. It may mean scheduling walks around your building or spending the lunch hour outdoors.

Of course, as you get back into the swing of things, you’ll likely spend more time in the sun organically. But if you do need to schedule outdoor spring activities, don’t hesitate to do so. Many of us lead busy, fast-paced lives, but that’s no excuse for missing out on time under the sun! It can make a genuine difference.

About ENERGYbits Inc.®

Who knew algae had so much potential as a food? ENERGYbits® did. The company was started 10 years ago by Catharine Arnston to help her younger sister, who had been advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would improve her chances of healing from breast cancer. Catharine left her corporate career to help her sister and read thousands of scientific papers on alkaline, plant-based nutrition. As she did, she found references to spirulina and chlorella algae as the most alkaline, nutrient-dense plant in the world. Catharine discovered that algae was a multibillion-dollar crop consumed in Asia for 50 years. Dazzled by algae’s impressive pedigree and how easy the tablets were to take, Catharine realized that algae was only known in Asia because that’s where it was grown, and its benefits were virtually unknown elsewhere in the world. ENERGYbits® was born out of her desire to change this. ENERGYbits® is now a much-loved national brand, providing consumers, families, and their pets with pure, safe, nutrient-dense, protein-rich “bits” of nutrition. Even better: Catharine’s sister made a full recovery.

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