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A trigger finger is a common condition that causes fingers or thumb to get stuck in the palm. Often worse in the morning, patients complain that they awaken with their fingers stuck in the palm. Straightening the finger gives them pain inflammation & popping sensation & this is known as “trigger finger.”

Fortunately, you can get recovery from the trigger finger if you use the best trigger finger treatment without surgery.

What Causes Locking or Popping Sensation?

Normally, our fingers bend with the help of a pulley system which is several along the length of our fingers or thumb. When we make a fist, the tendons in our fingers glide easily with the help of pulleys. These pulleys hold the tendons close to the bone like how a line is held on a fishing rod. So, if the pulley becomes too thick or inflamed, the tendon becomes ‘stuck’ as it tries to pass through the first pulley. Hence, it causes a popping, locking, catching, & snapping sensation in your fingers or thumb.

Trigger Finger Symptoms

  • A tender lump in your palm
  • Morning stiffness
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Pain when straightening or bending fingers or thumb
  • Catching or popping in finger or thumb joints
  • Swelling around your palm

However, trigger finger symptoms depend upon the severity of the patient’s condition.

Who is at Risk for Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger affects both men & women who are in the ages of 40 & 60 years. Other factors that increase the chances of someone developing a trigger finger include:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Performing repetitive activities that can strain your hand, such as weight lifting, repetitive gripping, & playing a musical instrument.

What Happens When Trigger Finger is Left Untreated?

Once you diagnosed with a trigger finger then you should not delay in buying the best treatment for trigger finger. If you left it untreated then it can increase, affect your finger’s posture, permanently lock, & even it can appear in your second hand.

On the other hand, when there is a number of natural trigger finger treatments available then you should not delay in using the best one. So, it is advisable not to ignore trigger finger whether it is mild or chronic.

What is the Prognosis of Trigger Finger?

The prognosis or recovery rate of trigger finger is excellent. Nearly all patients completely recover from trigger finger. It is observed that patients take surgical-procedures in rare cases but used home treatment for trigger finger & completely cured trigger finger at home.

How to Fully Recover From Trigger Finger at Home?

There is a one-stop solution for you, if you want to full recover at home. Use Trigger Finger Wand that is designed to relieve patients suffering from trigger finger inflammation, pain, morning stiffness, & joint pain. Trigger Finger Wand can relieve all the symptoms & also stop the occurrence.

Using this device is very easy & affordable. Just rub it around your fingers or thumb for 10-15 minutes, follow its massage therapies & see results. Unlike surgery, Trigger Finger Wand does not leave scars on your skin & gives you painless, safe, & non-invasive trigger finger treatment at home.

Overall, with Trigger Finger Wand, you can completely cure this condition at home.

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