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Hair on legs looks weird for many, especially females. Due to unwanted hair growth, they cannot wear their gorgeous knee-length gown or shorts on the beach. As a result, they spend hours and money in a parlour or washroom for hair-free legs. But the traditional ways of hair removal (razors, creams, and wax) need timely touch-ups. Additionally, they lead to skin irritation, darkness, and allergies, which is quite frustrating. In such circumstances, one can consider laser hair removal to prepare for the party.

In this article from Dadu Medical Centre, a leading medical expert performing Legs Laser Hair Removal In Delhi will discuss the procedure of leg laser hair removal. So read the post and learn how to save time and money by considering laser treatment for hair reduction.

What is Legs Laser Hair Removal?

Legs laser hair removal is a non-invasive hair reduction technique. In this laser light technique, laser beams penetrate the dermal layer and target hair follicles. Absorption of transmitted heat by hair follicles makes a blast. This blast burns the hair follicle. As a result, the root cause of unwanted hairs gets diminished. This turns into long-lasting freedom from spending hours and time grooming.

Type of Legs Laser Hair Removal

Based on hair type and skin tone, Diode and Alexandrite laser techniques are used for most laser hair removals in India. However, the use of both laser technique on different hair type and skin tone are given below:

  • Wavelength: Diode lasers emit a longer wavelength of light and Alexandrite lasers target the shorter one.
  • Skin tone: Diode lasers effectively work better on darker skin tones, whereas Alexandrite is best suited for individuals with lighter skin tone.
  • Treatment time: Alexandrite lasers have a larger spot size and a higher repetition rate than diode lasers. This means that they can treat larger areas of skin more quickly.
  • Hair colour: Alexandrite lasers are most effective at removing hair that is dark and coarse, while diode lasers can be used on a wider range of hair colours and types.
  • Pain level: Alexandrite laser hair removal may be more painful than diode laser hair removal, but both procedures are generally well-tolerated by most patients.

The Procedure of Legs Laser Hair Removal

The leg laser hair removal procedure starts with an individual’s physical examination and performs on the candidate meeting the eligibility criteria for the laser hair removal. In the next step, skin specialists apply the gel on the legs and use a device of laser light and start rolling it on the gel-applied area. This non-invasive procedure takes 40-45 minutes to perform.

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