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Steps of Nithia Motors involved in Car AC Services:

Inspection: The technician will inspect the car’s AC system, including the compressor, condenser, hoses, and fittings, to identify any visible signs of damage or leaks.

Pressure Check: A pressure gauge is used to measure the refrigerant pressure in the system. This helps determine if the system is low on refrigerant or another problem.

Refrigerant Recovery: If the refrigerant needs to be replaced or other repairs are to be made, the existing refrigerant will be recovered using a special machine. This ensures that it is disposed of properly and is not released into the environment.

Vacuuming: A vacuum pump is attached to the AC system to remove any moisture or air trapped inside. This step is important to prevent future issues and ensure optimal performance.

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Leak Detection: The technician will use a leak detection tool, such as an electronic leak detector or UV dye, to identify any refrigerant leaks in the system. Leaks are repaired to prevent further loss of refrigerant.

Refrigerant Refilling: If the system was low on refrigerant or it had completely recovered, the appropriate amount of refrigerant is added to the system. The technician makes sure the refrigerant level meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Performance Testing: The AC system is tested to ensure proper cooling and functionality. The technician will check the air temperature, fan speed, and overall performance of the system.

Additional Repairs: If any other problems are found during the inspection or service, such as a faulty compressor or damaged components, the technician will recommend and perform the necessary repairs.

Cleaning: The technician may clean the AC vents, filter, and evaporator coils to remove any dirt or debris that may be affecting air circulation and system efficiency.

Final Inspection: The entire AC system is checked once again to ensure that all repairs and services have been properly completed.

It is important to note that these steps may vary slightly depending on the service provider and the specific requirements of your car’s AC system.

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