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Breathlessness while walking even after recovering from corona, dizziness on standing, weak, more careful, follow below measures:

18 months have passed while battling the corona epidemic, but this deadly virus is still not completely eradicated. In the second wave that came strongly after the first wave, lakhs of people worldwide came under its grip.

However, many people who have been defeated by Coronavirus have also faced some problems. The problem of ‘post covid' has become common after recovery. In such a situation, this article is based on what the recovered people should take care of with lifestyle changes and diet.

Important Tips Will Keep You Safe After Coronavirus

  • Mild Symptoms

    The number of asymptomatic infections in the corona epidemic has been high worldwide. Such infected patients do not have any symptoms or show mild symptoms. Asymptomatic infected people do not have much to worry about.

    If they do regular breathing exercises (breathing exercises) and take a balanced diet and nutritious food, then there will be no problem of post covid complications. The weakness will gradually go away. If the taste and smell disappear, it will recover gradually.

  • Trouble Breathing Or Shortness Of Breath

    During the corona period, those infected who have had respiratory problems, have been treated with normal or high-flow oxygen therapy and on a ventilator. There is a high possibility of lung damage in such infected people.

    Even after the corona report comes negative, they should measure the oxygen level for the next 15 days. Do breathing exercises only on the instructions of the doctor. Also, decide the time of exercise on their advice.

  • Shortness Of Breath When Walking

    After recovering from corona, if the person starts feeling short of breath or shortness of breath after walking a few steps, but the oxygen level is fine, then it should be understood that the corona has affected your heart in some way. One should not panic when such a problem occurs. Get ECG and Echo checked after consulting a cardiologist.

    In corona infection, those who already have serious lifestyle disorders like BP, sugar, and heart disease, then they are at higher risk. Such people continue to have the problem of post covid complications.

    It should be noted that if someone has had a heart attack in their family, then keep in touch with the doctor. On the advice of the doctor, blood thinners can be taken for a few days. However, blood thinning medicine should never be taken by itself.

  • Dizziness On Standing

    If there is a problem of dizziness on standing, then the coronavirus also affects the nervous system. These people have the problem of dizziness after recovering from the corona. In such patients, the blood pressure remains normal, but there are complaints of dizziness.

    Such infected people should get their blood pressure checked while lying down and standing. If there is fluctuating blood pressure on standing, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

  • Stomach Problems

    Corona infected also have symptoms of diarrhea, due to which the stomach becomes weak. At the same time, antibiotics are also used, due to which the good bacteria of the stomach die.

    The digestive system of the person gets affected in corona affected patients. To heal the digestive system, one should eat fiber-rich food. In addition to green vegetables and fruits, curd should be included.

  • Cramps In Your Hands And Feet

    This problem is seen common in corona infected after post covid. If you stay in isolation for 14 days or more, the side effects of the virus bother you for some time. In such a problem, vitamin A, B complex, and vitamin C should be taken on the advice of a doctor. Folic acid medicine is also effective. According to the problem, the doctor determines the timing of the medicine.

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