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Get Your Geometry Ready For 3D Printing With ANSYS SpaceClaim

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Using a 3D design software can help you get your geometry ready for 3D printing. With a multi-purpose CAD modeling program, you can get your engineering results faster than ever. Using direct modeling technology, you can also get your geometry ready for 3D printing.

Multipurpose CAD modeling for faster engineering results
ANSYS SpaceClaim is a multipurpose CAD modeling tool designed for faster engineering results. It offers an easy-to-use interface that enables non-CAD experts to refine concept models. It also allows for rapid editing of designs. It is ideal for engineers who have little time for heavy CAD tools. It is also useful for those who want to evaluate designs in 3D.

With Ansys SpaceClaim Capabilities, you can easily edit any CAD file, whether it is in 2D or 3D format. It also provides a set of tools for preparing geometry for simulations, repairing CAD files, and editing complete models.

You can also use ANSYS SpaceClaim's STL Prep for 3-D Printing module to prepare your models for 3D printing. This module features automated tools that help you bridge editing solids with importing and preparing them for 3D printing. You can also prepare your models for use in CAD/CAM projects, such as reverse engineering.

ANSYS SpaceClaim also helps you prepare your 3D models for simulation, which reduces your modeling prep time. Its quick, simple answers help you determine design performance without complicated modeling constraints.

Get geometry ready for 3D printing
ANSYS SpaceClaim is a 3D modeling tool that is designed to help engineers create mechanical systems. Its unique interface allows users to easily create models that can be used for manufacturing. It also provides tools for preparing geometry for 3D printing, making it faster and easier than other CAD tools.

SpaceClaim works with existing 2D data, such as STL files, to create 3D models. It supports common file types, such as STEP and X-STL, and can also open and convert SketchUp files. In addition, SpaceClaim allows users to snap to mesh files, adjust angles, and measure area. It can also be used to work with other CAD files, such as SolidWorks. It also has a tool called Skin Surface, which builds surface geometry on organic shapes, and it can also auto-surface shapes.

SpaceClaim provides a suite of tools to help engineers prepare their geometry for 3D printing. Its Shrinkwrap Tool helps prepare scanned or noisy data for 3D printing, and its Skin Surface tool can build surface geometry on prismatic or organic shapes. It also has reverse engineering capabilities, which are vital in designing innovative products.

Direct modeling technology
ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is a multi-purpose 3D modeling tool that offers efficient solutions to common modeling tasks. It allows you to create and edit 3D models for product design and development. It also comes with a high-powered FEA program.

SpaceClaim also features a full-featured modeling engine. This enables you to work on multiple projects at once. The software also features a few special add-ons that make modeling your designs a breeze. These include the Pull and the Move functions. You can also import and modify all major CAD file types. It's also worth mentioning that SpaceClaim is easy to learn and easy to use.

The software also includes a free web demonstration. Besides the fancy-looking wizard, SpaceClaim also comes with a few nifty features. These include an interactive toolbar that allows you to quickly and easily create models. It also features an interface that allows you to work with STL files.

SpaceClaim also boasts the most advanced modeling engine in the industry. This enables you to quickly and easily create 3D models.

Leverage a significant and untapped market opportunity
Approximately 15 to 25 million engineers are currently working in manufacturing today, and the need for powerful 3D design software is growing. Today's engineers must design and manufacture products that are smart, lightweight and optimized. However, most of these engineers are not trained in sophisticated CAD systems. Instead, they are stuck relying on expensive, non-standardized and difficult to understand CAD software. As a result, they are often faced with long delays between design teams. In addition, they are limited to using only a fraction of the CAD licenses that are available. However, with the help of SpaceClaim 3D design software, engineers can eliminate these delays and get to simulation faster.




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