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Business name tags are a vital part of nearly any company! It plays a major role in team unity, customer service, brand awareness, and professional appearance. Yet, as important as these seemingly small items might be, they can be especially difficult to get just right!


This is because these name tags need to be the perfect balance of sleek, professional, readable, and personable yet attention-grabbing, on-brand, and sturdy. It’s a surprisingly tight rope to walk!

Lo and behold, this particular article that you have landed upon. We are aiming to tackle these issues by supplying you with the six most important considerations you need to have while designing your business name tags!

1. Permanent or Reusable Tags
The first step in your designation process is to consider whether you’d prefer permanent name tags or reusable ones. Permanent name tags are designed to remain as they sound: permanent. However, reusable name tags typically come with a removable lens cover which protects the information the name tag displays– but also allows it to be replaced.

2. The Material: Plastic, Metal, Bamboo, or Other
You should also consider the materials of the name tags. Would you prefer the more sleek yet slightly heavier metal? Would you rather have everyone boast a plastic name tag, which is more lightweight and can offer more flexibility? And what about bamboo, which is extremely lightweight as well yet affords the wearer with a unique style?

Carefully consider all of the material types and choose one that is the most ideal for the working environment, conditions, and overall business type.

3. Adding the Team Member’s Name and Their Role
While this particular point may be somewhat trite, it still deserves to be mentioned. A name tag is, after all, a name tag, so be sure to add each employee or team member’s name to their individual name tag.

Be sure to add their role beneath their name, if preferred, to make sure clients get a clearer indication of who they are and what they do.

4. Add a Professional Photo
Professional photos on name tags can be an excellent way to increase your business’ security and safety. You should consider adding these photos to name tags if you feel it is necessary for your industry.

5. Clearly Display Your Logo
Don’t forget to add your logo onto each name tag! That is such an essential element of a name tag because it increases your brand awareness and drastically diminishes any confusion on what your company stands for.

6. Where to Get the Best Name Tags for Your Business
Now is the time for you to decide with whom you will trust the service of creating your name tags. In doing so, you need a company who is knowledgeable, professional, and timely. Fortunately, you don’t have to conduct your own research on this because we have the answer for you: Imprint Plus.

Imprint Plus creates high-quality business name tags, badges, and other similar products– and all for digestible costs. Browse all of their offerings today and equip your business with nothing but the best!

For more information about Plastic Badges and Id Badge Attachments Please visit: Imprint Plus.


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