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Wedding bells are in the air, and I’m guessing your excitement is currently over the roof. 

You’re also most likely busy picking out a dress or tux, choosing members of your bridal train, making cake choices, venue selections, and all the teeny, weeny details that go into planning the wedding of your dreams.

While all these are part of the fun that leads right up to the big day, you should bear in mind that wedding planning can be pretty challenging, especially because no one talks about the most challenging aspects.

In this article, we would be exploring six major things nobody says about planning a wedding.

1. You won’t have the time to think about anything else

I’m guessing you weren’t prepared for this. It’s no big deal though, it just kinda happens. From the moment you wake till you hit the bed, thoughts of the wedding will occupy your entire mind. When you see a rose petal, you’ll almost immediately begin to imagine how it would sit among the daisies at the entrance. Every hairstyle takes on a new look and you only filter with the question: “Is this good enough for my big day?” Don’t fret or feel guilty about not paying attention to other things. Do your best at balancing the time you give to every other area of your life, and soon the wedding will be behind you.

2. Simple or grand, weddings are just as much work

Somehow, we have always believed that simple weddings would involve far less work than their grand and exquisite versions. News flash! It’s the most untrue thing you could ever believe. The truth remains that there are basic things that can never be taken out of a wedding, no matter how simple it is. Whether you like it or not, you’ll most likely need to decide on things like photography, decoration, clothing, food, drinks, flowers, and a host of others. It would be in your best interest to accept that there’s so much to be done and plan towards getting them done.

3. No wedding is cheap

You might have heard people say things like “simple is cheaper,” blah blah blah. While you may not spend as much as your friends who used the fanciest halls and wore the latest designer outfits, no wedding is cheap. You cannot avoid spending money on things like outfits, catering, decoration, video coverage, photography, accessories, hairdo, and a whole lot more. Trust me, when all these costs come together, you’d realize that no matter how small you planned for your wedding to be, your bank account would still feel the weight.

In most cases, no one would notice, or it could easily be fixed.

4. There are tons of opinions

Have you ever felt people offered too much advice on a particular issue in your life? Well, that’s about to get even more intense. Planning a wedding is the perfect time for everyone to chip in something they know about marriage, vendors, venues, and all the whatnots that come with getting married. Your mom would want your hair to be parked in a bun, while your aunt you’ve not seen in a gazillion years would rather have them fall to your right shoulder. All of a sudden, it appears as though you have no voice in an event that’s supposed to be all about you. It’s all love though, so TRY not to get upset. The All Caps is so you remember because trust me, you will be TRIED!

5. You may miss out an item in your budget

Calm down! This is not in any way unusual. Planning an event can be exhausting, and it is possible to skip one or two things. Don’t beat yourself up yet. You can try to avoid this by walking yourself through the entire event and making notes so as to ensure that you are leaving nothing out. And even if you eventually do leave something out, just breathe. In most cases, no one would notice, or it could easily be fixed. Relax, you’re going to have a perfect day, regardless.

6. Your stress levels will be over the roof

Whether all you’re doing is picking out charger plates, or choosing between band and DJ, you will feel extremely stressed. Suddenly, things that were pretty easy to make a choice about become uphill tasks. This is mainly because you’re trying to ensure your day is perfect and without blemish, lol. You might want to take it easy on yourself though. The most important thing is that you enjoy the day you’ve looked forward to for so long.


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