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Although it may be difficult to build your dream project, there is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that you made something that will last. Ready-mix concrete is the best choice if you want to make your home more durable, flexible, and affordable.What is Ready-Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete can be prepared in a plant rather than on a job site. Mixing sand gravel, cement, water, and water is what manufacturers do. The mixture is then delivered to the site according to the project requirements. Ready-mixed concrete can be delivered in one of two ways: transit-mix concrete or shrink-mix concrete.

  • Transit-mix concrete mixes inside the truck that transports the concrete. Concrete is mixed partially while it is in transit. The final mixing occurs once it reaches its destination. This mix prevents concrete from hardening in transit.
  • Shrink-mix, on the other hand, is only partially mixed at the plant before being transported. Shrink-mix concrete can only be fully mixed once it has reached the job site, just like transit-mix concrete. This type of mixing allows for more concrete to be transported at one time.

Ready-Mix Concrete: What are the benefits?

Ready-mix concrete is far more efficient than other building materials in many aspects. Three benefits are the most important.


Ready-mix concrete can withstand any type of damage, such as fire or high winds. It is also immune to termites and other small creatures. This eliminates the need for sealants or special treatments. Concrete is also resistant to heavy moisture and doesn't warp or decay like other building materials. Concrete can also withstand extreme temperatures, making it immune to Arkansas' harshest climate conditions.


Ready-mix concrete can be made into almost any shape thanks to its flexibility. Ready-mix concrete can be used to create pillars, sculptures, or driveways. Chemical admixtures are used to alter the concrete's color, porosity, and curing times. This allows users to further customize their projects.


Ready mix concrete price Birmingham is much less expensive than other materials used in construction, such as brick. Ready-mix concrete is simple to apply and gives a uniform appearance to all surfaces. Brick on the other side is more difficult to apply and requires a lot of time, money, and resources to transport.

Things to Consider:



It is important to tell your supplier exactly what you plan to do with ready-mix concrete. They will be able to provide the best mix for your project if they are aware of what you intends to do. Some applications require that you set the mixture slowly while others require a faster setting. The supplier may also be able to make any necessary adjustments depending on the project.


You should know how much concrete you will need before you order. Over ordering will lead to wastage and extra cost while ordering too little can cause delays until stock is replenished. Order at least 10% more than you need to cover any errors. Ask your ready-mix concrete provider if you are unsure about the amount of concrete you need. They will be able to help you determine how much concrete is required for your project.

Ingredients Sourced  

Ready-mix concrete is made up of many ingredients. The quality of each component determines the final ready-mix. It is important to ensure that concrete supplier's source quality ingredients from local suppliers.


Ready-mixed concrete must be used within a specified time after it has been mixed. You risk losing a whole batch if it isn't. Major roads are restricted from heavy concrete trucks moving during peak hours. This is to avoid traffic congestion. Consider transportation during non-peak times if your project is located near the main road.

Ask your concrete mix provider for a quality assurance test to ensure concrete meets the highest standards. This test will allow you to verify that concrete meets the required strength and durability for your project.

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