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Entering preschool is a transition period for your child and a very important milestone. It would be best if you prepared your child in advance for the big event so that you don't surprise them on their first day of school by leaving them behind. Below are some tips for preparing your child for preschool.

Take your child to a potential school

There's nothing like giving your child a sneak preview of what's to come. So that it is not the first time that she sees a school, take her to her preschool visits so that she becomes familiar with the school environment. Take the time to walk through it. Show your child what a classroom looks like and what happens in a preschool class. Explain that there are fun activities like art and storytelling.Best Daycare North Vancouver

Buy some preschool exercise books and have a dry run

Preschool will be a time when your child will be exposed to workbooks and activities that use her fine motor skills, such as coloring, making shapes, and cutting with scissors. Prepare him for this by exposing him to a sample workbook and doing activities with it that simulate the classroom. This way, by the time school starts, it won't be the first time she's come across these kinds of activities. She will also be well prepared if she has practiced ahead of time. Make sure these activities are fun for her. If you notice that your child is bored, stop the activity and switch to a new one. Do not force her to do any activity.

Expose your child to other children and observe their interactions

Preschool will be a time when your child will be exposed to many children. In addition to checking out what the teacher-to-child ratio will be at your child's chosen preschool, it would be a good idea to expose your child to more children by setting up playdates with other parents or having your child play with cousins ​​and neighbors. Be sure to watch how your child interacts with others. If he is shy and refuses to play with the other children, try to find ways to encourage him to be more social. Positively reinforce her friendliness and her willingness to try something new. Teach him to take turns and cooperate with others, as he will most likely have to take turns with his classmates when school starts.

Let your child prepare himself

Preschool will also be a time when your child will start to become more independent. Give him ample practice to do things on his own. Let him try to put on his own clothes, feed himself, and put on his own shoes. Have her practice “packing” her toys and books. Teach him to talk and ask for help so that when school starts he'll be on his way to developing a good attitude. Best Preschool North Vancouver

Preparing your child for preschool involves early exposure to a school environment, a trial of school activities, playtime with more children than he is used to, and becoming more independent.


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