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It’s been a few days since the release of Ghost of Tsushima and players have already started to explore some iconic and legendary items. After exclusively being released on PlayStation 4, Ghost of Tsushima has set some great records. All the rumors and leaks before the game release worked to create a hype of the game. Now while playing the Ghost of Tsushima, players are curious to know about the Gosaku Armor Keys. The Gosaku Armor Keys aren’t normal keys, as these keys offer an attractive and durable legendary armor for Jin. Well, in the game there are a total of 6 armor keys players need to find out to get the armor.

What is the Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku Armor?

The following legendary armor can only be obtained if you discover 6 Gosaku keys. These keys will open the path for you to obtain the legendary armor. Without knowing the locations of entire keys, you might end up spending more time in discovery.

You might be able to find some of the keys at the beginning of the game. In the beginning, it might not take much time in finding some keys. You will be able to access the next major area when Act 2 starts. You will be required to move to the Akashima Village in the north of the Akashima Higata, which is the first significant town in the area.

There is a musician who actually belongs to the South of the town. Among several others, one musician will let you begin your Mystic Quest “The Unbreakable Gosaku.” The musician will tell you everything about Gosaku. He will highlight some of the farms in the region where the keys exist.

Hear out and understand the musician correctly to know every detail. You can have 4 keys from the Izuhara and 2 keys from Toyotama. Obtaining the following keys will not be an easy task for you because you have to defeat the enemy guards and save a total of three hostages. Among the three hostages, the last one will offer you the Gosaku armor key.

To get the keys accordingly, you have to visit these places from Izuhara:

  • Aoi Village
  • Kuta Farm
  • Yagata Farm
  • Ohama fishing village

Once you obtain these four following keys, you have to move to Toyotama place:

  • Koshimizu Farm
  • Iijima Farm

Once you reach all the locations of keys, you need to move to the targeted location of the mission where you will see the cave full of Mongolian army enemies. To climb at the top, you have to defeat every single enemy.


The Ghost of Tsushima will let you discover an ancient world with ancient types of weapons, enemies and resources. To keep moving up to a higher level, players need to keep enhancing their strength and defense system. Gosaku armor is a legendary armor which is an iconic item on its own.

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