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Before you set out for your Gir Safari Booking, here’s some exciting news about the wild beasts- the Gir Lions. Gir National Park Safari Booking Here.

The Gir National Park is the only existing abode for the pure Asiatic Lions. The park lies about 65 km southeast of the Junagadh district in Gujarat, India. The park extended over 1,412 sq. km and was solely dedicated to conserving the Asiatic Lions, one of the most endangered Indian species. To get a glimpse of this majestic species, you can get a permit through Gir National Park Booking. However, some shocking news and gossip are going around about these lions at present.

Read on to find out.

The Shocking Report

The Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, has recently presented a shocking report about the Asiatic Lions at the Gir Forest. The scientists think that the lions are becoming more dependent on humans leaving their natural habitat at present. Dr. YV Jhala, the senior scientist of the Wildlife Institute of India, and other well-known scientists of the country think that only 20 percent of the beasts present in the national park are surviving naturally within their natural habitat.

Reason for the Change

According to Dr. YV Jhala, the Asiatic lions can sustain themselves naturally by hunting other wildlife like sambar, deer, and chital in the forest. However, the recent Gir report says that around 70 to 80 percent of the lions of Gir are found to hunt cattle. They are also seen to eat the flesh of other dead animals. The worst truth is that the Gir lions forget their natural habitat and surroundings. They are becoming weak in front of the challenges of the forest.

The main challenge is a shortage of space within Sasan Gir. At present, the available space within the park can accommodate only 15 to 16 lions. Due to a lack of living space, the lions are searching for food outside the park. They are making the domestic cattle and other dead animals their soft target. The humans residing around the forest are extremely worried about this situation. Moreover, the rapid growth of lions is another factor to worry about.

Scenario at Corbett

The Corbett National Park has a slightly better condition. The senior scientists of the Wildlife Institute of India say that the tigers at Corbett have a large area to thrive within the park, and they also get a sufficient number of animals to hunt upon. Such a situation allows them to hunt according to their nature, but the exact opposite is happening in the Gir forest. The increasing dependence of lions on humans is equally dangerous for the beast’s survival. The lions are always safe inside the reserve forest as they keep wildlife smugglers at bay.


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