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Gir National Park is a deciduous teak forest, a sole home for Asiatic Lions, who live there peacefully with a vast fauna stretch. Asiatic Lions once lived in the subcontinents of Asia, now confined to the sanctuary only. Humans may be the prime reason for their extinction. Animal Hunting and poaching have declined the number of lions in India.

On the one hand, humans say that they love wildlife but, on the other hand, kill them for the traditional practice of hunting. Is It that disgusting? We are thankful to the forest department and authorities for decreasing or prohibit animal killing in many areas. However, still, there are people who rudely and disheartened poach lions for the sake of money. Gir National Park Booking can take you to the inner core of the forest.

Tourists from different parts of the world come to Sasan Gir to see glimpses of lions wandering in the forest. The forest is confined within 1412 square kilometers; it is surrounded by a wide variety of diverse flora and fauna. Besides the felines, the park is a paradise of a wide array of birds, making the park stands out from other wildlife reserves. Gir Online Booking is the ticket for entrance into the park.

Recent news raised a storm in news channels and on social media platforms; lions are becoming the prey of unnatural death in Gir National Park. Approximately 313 lions faced unnatural deaths- 152 cubs, 90 lionesses, and 71 male Asiatic lions, between January 2019 and December 2020.in the last two years. It has been assumed that feeding rotten cattle fresh may cause their death. It may also be the reason for human-animal conflict, where animals cannot win by any chance.

Thus, it is our responsibility to save and protect the lions in the Gir Forest; every aspect will be our prime focus to balance the ecosystem of the planet earth. There are many NGOs who are volunteering in many reserves to trace the reason behind their death. They are also providing veterans to do proper treatments for animals suffering from any diseases—providing them fresh flesh to feed them so that they don’t have food-poisoning or die. These simple steps can help to protect the wildlife living in India.

And if you are willing to venture into Sasan Gir, plan your trip in the winter season. Jeep Safari is the most thrilling trip inside the forest. You can see lions and other species prowling freely in the woods. For this, you have to purchase a Gir Safari Booking to enter the park.


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