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Black Soap Boxes are an impressive addition to the home. Soap boxes with black lids can help your bathroom stay organized, and the style of the black soap box can be used in many other areas of your home, from cupboards to pantries to kids’ rooms. The dark hue of these soap boxes also helps prevent them from standing out too much against your walls, which makes them a great choice if you want to make sure your shelves look as neat as possible! If you want to learn more about Custom Black Soap Boxes and see just how they can enhance your home, keep reading!

Know why you should use this item

When you think about adding a luxe touch to your home, what comes to mind? These chic and sleek Black Soap Boxes are sure to do the trick. There is no better way than combining efficiency with style than by using these functional soap boxes. The clean and contemporary shape is one that's bound to draw attention in any setting while they still remain simple enough for every bathroom decorating theme. 

Material used:

Made from durable and water-resistant acrylic, you can guarantee these elegant Black Soap Boxes will last through years of washes while retaining their flawless finish. They come in seven different sizes and all have thick rubber feet so they don't slip around on the floor. 

Things you should keep in mind before purchasing these items

  • Each box is made by hand and will be different than the last. Some of these products may have a few imperfections or other markings, but that's what makes them so unique and special. 
  • The box has been handmade out of palm kernel oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and beeswax. Something you can't say about most soap boxes on the market today. 
  • These are natural products (no sulfates!) so there may be an odor from time to time. Just like any natural product with essential oils in it.

Providing extra protection to your product

Black soap boxes, also known as coal boxes, not only provide extra protection for your product but they are also a nice aesthetic addition to any room. Black is the perfect neutral color so it goes well with any decor style, from traditional and antique to modern and sleek. Black boxes add an element of interest without being overwhelming or distracting. They give an elegant look for any room in the house. Whether it's bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms – the versatility cannot be beat!

Where can you get these elegant boxes?

These elegant and simple soap dishes are great for any home. If you don't want to mess around with labels, design details, and all the rest, these are the perfect way to go. The base is black so it'll match any décor. This item is currently out of stock at Amazon, but you can buy it elsewhere on their site if you need it now.

How much do they cost?

At the craft store, you can buy three 10×10 pieces of chipboard for $2.50 (if you buy 4, it'll be $4.00). All four corners need to be cut out, so if you have a set of iddy biddy scissors, use them. Your scissors will look like crap afterward but that's the price you pay for making this great purchase.

Start off by tapping one piece of chipboard on top of another and cutting all four corners out. Repeat this step with the other two boards so that they are also taped together in pairs and all four corners are cut out.

Tips on using them

  • Black soap boxes can bring an elegant feel to any room. Whether they are filled with candy and placed in the living room or simply set on a side table, they can be used as a decorative way to present something small yet sweet. 
  • It's also perfect for when you need just a small gift or token for someone special but you're not sure what it should be. 
  • Black soapboxes also help create mystery and intrigue around the contents if they are just sitting there without the lid being opened. 
  • Perhaps these containers would make great new homes for the newest electronics like your iPad, iPhone, or laptop. Maybe it will become another spot where candles are kept in place too!


Black soap is an excellent way to decorate a bathroom or powder room. These are durable and easy-to-care for, which will have them looking their best. Black soap can also be used outside on patios, decks, or other areas that you would like to bring some life into without the worry of them fading over time. Other colors in the LASO Line are available for those who want something brighter.

They are also great for cleaning and making that ‘just finished' look when you don't want cobwebs hanging everywhere! Black Soap Boxes from Los Angeles Soapworks come in the standard size of 24x24x12 and will be made out of MDF board wrapped in polyurethane foam core with black paint and decorative brass hinges.



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