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Luxury business cards are the need of many brands and professionals that are looking for a premium way of presenting themselves. They are great when manufactured by using a velvet lamination sheet on them. Many people do not know how these special items can give a luxurious look by the use of special fabric on them. Let us have a look at the following ways that show how they are beneficial in enhancing the visual appeal of these items.

Provide a unique look

Here comes the first way that shows how they can a unique look. Velvet is known for providing a great aesthetic appeal. Business card printing on this fabric is easy to do, which can enhance the visual appeal of the printed material. People do not see the velvet ones regularly. That is a good reason why these items can provide a unique and innovative look to the people.

Impressive soft and comfortable touch

Touch can make or break the deal in the case of cards for business. That is why many brands use matte, glossy, or soft-touch laminations on them. But here comes another competitor that can provide a great and smooth touch sensation. 

This fabric is known for providing a soft and elegant feeling while touching it. That is how it can provide the people who take these items with a great sensation of touch. It also feels comfortable in the hands. That is a great way it impacts the perception of people positively.

Long term branding opportunity

This is one of the most effective benefits of using velvet laminated luxury business card boxes. If you want to provide a great premium look at these items, this special fabric is the best choice. This is because when they are printed with the color scheme that matches the brand colors. Like the theme of the brand or colors of the logo. They can provide great sensations to the people as colors look amazing on the velvet. Not just this, it is also good because businesses can use metallic or shiny colors on them that can make the item look adorable.

Image printing looks astonishing

As we know that velvet support visuals printed on it, it is easy to print it with a high-resolution image. But believe us that the image does not look like the one printed on cardboard in the same resolution. 

Velvet enhances the overall look of the photos printed on these items. A matte looking image always catches the eyes of the people, but this one provides an innovative look to the photo. That is how it can provide a premium look at these promotional items.

Show royal style of your brand

The presenting style of the brand is vital for success. That is why business card printing is done in a way to provide graphics that look amazing. But in the case of velvet laminated on these promotional items, showing rich style becomes easier. You only need to get this special fabric sheet that has a high standard. That will allow you to print different graphical illustrations on them easily. These illustrations should match the overall design of the brand.

The present standard of the business

As we are here to know how these cards with velvet can provide a premium look, their standard is the best answer. This fabric is premium, and businesses and businesses can get it for showing their standard. People who will see these items will be amazed by the quality of these items. That is a great way by which they enhance the perception of the standard of the brand. 

Cardboard business cards that have velvet lamination are not less than a bliss for many premium brands. They can enhance the perception of the brand in the mind of the people. Businesses can easily showcase their standard by using them. We have shown some of the most exciting ways by which the velvet lamination can give a luxurious look to your cards.


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