Go back to town and get ready for a battle

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The words fade out and the door opens open. I wonder if that is the chest? You can open the chest and then search it. Grimy Sunset herbs will be provided to you. The herb needs 50 Herblore for RuneScape Gold cleaning. Clean the herb, and return to the underground dungeon. The cut-scene will be shown the player. Savarius Solar will fight with a Masked Mage.

The Lunar people won't quit, will they? Savarius Solar throws the Solar Wulyaxior. It's like throwing knives. Never Savarius! Masked Mage throws a frightful Lunar Blast at Savarius, that hits him with a 62, knocking out half his health. Very weak Lokear, Very!

Savarius throws the Solar Wulyaxior, which strikes with a 76, making the mage in a weak state. Masked Mage: With the strength of Lunar Isle. I'm committing you to death! Masked Mage hits a 98 killing Savarius. The Cutscene is over. You will find a Sunrisen Staff inside your backpack.

Go back to town and get ready for a battle. The Sayaniona's are described as a blend of a Greater Demon or a Pyrefiend. The uni-horn at the top of the head will not be missed! They can be level 90 and will knock you down at least 14 times. It is suggested to carry atleast 2 prayer potions, as well as a potent stength drink if your strength is lower than 60.

The Sayaniona's can be seen in the northwestern forest of Solar Isle. Return the hut of the cheif. Go back to Buy RS 3 Gold the hut and up the rock slide. Make use of the grapple on the boulder, and it will break. After that, tie the rope to the boulder, and pull it. The boulder will fall, and roll towards you. Then, reattach the hook to the rope and then swing around the boulder.Requires 55 Agility.


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