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On-demand Multi-services Apps are emerging as a result Super Apps are high on demand.  There’s a rapid expansion and are drawing sizeable investments and high-value investments when it comes to developing Multi-services App.

A successful application requires more than just a fantastic app concept. Due to the fact that there are already millions of similar apps available on the app store. To make sure that you have unique offerings, you need to develop a Gojek Clone Vietnam that is customizable and different from your competitors.

Knowing when you will be able to create an app and release it to the market is therefore crucial. How long does it take to create an application like Gojek?

Development Timeline For A Successful Launch Of The Gojek Clone App

Conducting Market Research

Conducting market research is the first step in creating an app to make sure you have a distinct strategy and can quickly reach the proper audience.


Along with the expected schedule, the market study also includes a few subcategories that you may look up to the following pointers:

  • Researching about your user’s preferences, choices and regional demands will take up to 3 weeks
  • Validating the app idea will take two weeks
  • Preparing SWOT analysis requires 2 weeks
  • Developing the strategies needs two weeks


Which Are The Factors That Impacts The Super App Development Process?

Several elements that affect the delivery timeframe must be taken into account when predicting the timeline for app development. Based on our expertise, we've outlined 4 separate yet crucial elements you should take into account when estimating the timetable for an All in One App:

  • The complexity of the app
  • Number of features
  • UX/UI design

How Much Time It Takes To Code A Super App?

Probably a year or longer.

This phase should receive the most of your attention because it takes the longest. As a result, as soon as the designs are finished, the mobile app developers begin developing the coding for the application.

Front-end development, back-end development, and third party integrations are its three main subcategories.

However, if you can avoid all of that, consider using a Gojek clone app that is market-ready and cuts down on waiting time. The app can essentially be released in 7 business days.


How Long Does It Take To Launch App in Play Store/App Store?

Alpha and beta are two stages in the release of an app. The alpha release is an early pre-release version that is typically carried out by the organization's quality testers. On the other side, the beta release is the app stores' official release. Consequently, the process will be simpler if you invest in a White-labelled Gojek Clone App where the entire team will be handling the process seamlessly.

How Can Develop and Launch an App like Gojek On A Decided Timeline?

It’s simple. Invest in Gojek Clone Ready to Launch App through V3Cube App Development.

However, here are some strategies you may use to shorten the time it takes to design an app by accelerating the entire process:

  • Create a minimum viable product (MVP) that is quicker to create and contains only the most important features.
  • Choose a cross-platform app development strategy to avoid having to create two different apps for the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Use the agile app development technique to divide the development process into many processes and to incorporate ongoing input.
  • Choose to outsource your app development needs because seasoned outsourcing organisations are adept at providing on-time app solutions.
  • Choose a ready-to-use white label solution
  • To speed up the development lifecycle and save time, opt for automation testing.


Are You Ready To Develop Robust Gojek Clone App?

This guide explains the typical Gojek like App development time depending on various app kinds, app complexity, app development stages. Additionally, you are aware of the variables that affect the timeline for developing apps and how to shorten it.

Now, it would be simple for you to create an app and swiftly release it inside your projected timetable. If you need help developing your app or want to talk about the needs for your app, get in touch with us.



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