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You probably have heard of the goji berry fruit that promises to work miracles with the body, especially when it comes to weight loss, right? But do you really know what this fruit does and what benefits it offers? Well, today we are going to explain to you everything you should know about Goji Berry and much more.

But where does Goji Berry come from, do you know?

Well, the Goji Berry is a fruit from the Lycium barbarum plant that comes from the mountains of Tibet, its greatest nutrient is vitamin C, a fundamental nutrient for our body since it improves the immune system, the mood and also prevents eye problems, also helps the body avoiding strokes and even helps with weight loss. But don't think that's all this fruit can do for you.

Goji Berry also prevents diabetes and cancer, in the area of beauty he still ends with the much-feared cellulite, his butt is smooth without the aspect of an orange jacket. The fruit is also the largest known source of carotenoids, which prevents vision problems and also provides additional photoprotection in people who are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays. These are the best-known benefits, but the fruit can go much further. Keep reading the article and learn more about it.

How to consume Goji Berry?

It is very difficult to find on the market, so we recommend the consumption of supplements that have it as an active ingredient, for example, Organic Goji Berry Powder is a natural food supplement based on the Goji Berry fruit, famous for its antioxidant and slimming properties.It is practically the ground extract of the fruit, along with excellent vitamins and minerals for your health.

See the nutrients of Goji Berry

Goji Berry Nutritional Value - Raw Nutritional

Just to give you an idea 100 grams of Goji Berry has 50 times more vitamin C than an orange which is essential to keep the body in perfect condition. See why: vitamin C improves the body's immunity, also provides good mood, helps with weight loss, decreases stress, prevents premature aging of cells and skin, more resistance to bones, prevents the person from having colds and flu increasing the resistance of the organism. , contributes to better absorption of iron in the body, prevents strokes and also has antioxidant action.

The fruit also has a high concentration of B vitamins, especially vitamins B1, B2 and B6. Vitamin B1 is one of the most important as it helps in the functioning of the muscular system, nervous system and cardiac system and is also responsible for interacting with glucose metabolism. The absence of this vitamin in the body can cause brain damage irreversibly.

Vitamin B2 is responsible for protection against cardiovascular diseases and tumor processes. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the well-being, in addition to playing an important role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, whose main function is the production of epinephrine, serotonin, which provides well-being, among other neurotransmitters.

The benefits of Goji Berry don't end there. Check out…

Goji Berry is also responsible for amino acids that are important for the maintenance of muscle mass, for the formation of cells, for the formation of proteins and tissues important for the body. It also has 21 minerals that are essential for the balance of blood pressure reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition, the fruit is also a cancer inhibitor.

Goji Berry also has anti-inflammatory action. Among so many nutrients, physalin is also found, which is very important for people with hepatitis B and C. The fruit is so complete that it increases the body's immunity, making it easier for people who consume it to get more health.


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