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Both gold and diamond are two such elements of the jewellery industry that are never going to go out of fashion. They have been worn by royal families since ancient times, with the trend being spread to almost every class of family who can afford it today. Be it earrings, chains, pendants, rings, or bracelets, almost every upper and middle class individual is seen wearing something gold, irrespective of the gender. Diamond stud, nosepin, pendant, and ring are other more popularly worn pieces of jewellery. Both gold and diamond are known for their brilliance and shine, individually in their own ways. And, when both – glimmering gold and radiating diamond – are pooled together, you can only imagine the scintillating combination they can make!

Gold And Diamond – For Her

Jewellery designs are endless for women who want to combine gold and diamonds. Women can wear all sorts of jewellery from maangtikka, mathapatti, earrings, and nosepins to pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, bajubandhs, kamarbandhs, anklets, and toerings.

  • There are innumerous designs available in earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelet, and bangles for women to choose from. Whether you want heavy ones, or light delicate everyday wear , there are an incomparable range of options to choose from!
  • Coming to the rarer jewellery pieces like nosepins, anklets, and toerings that not everyone wears, you can have each made in gold, with a small diamond studded in the center for your nosepin and toering, and a series of diamonds dangling from your anklet.
  • Maangtikka, mathapatti, bajubandhs, and kamarbandhs are generally worn by women during their wedding, or any such festive occasion. You can thus opt for heavy gold and diamond in such categories because they may be your one-time make.

Gold And Diamond – For Him

Although women can wear all sorts of jewellery to deck themselves up, men are no lesser. They also have unlimited options to choose from. Although they can't wear all that a woman can, but they have a wide range of options too such as ear studs, chains, rings, and bracelets. In ancient times, men also wore all that women wear today – earrings, necklaces, bajubandhs, kamarbandhs, and kadas – but with time, it all wore down. Men started feeling that such jewellery was meant only for women. Even then, there are many men today who are inclined to wear quite a good number of jewellery pieces together. So, here are a few ideas on incorporating gold and diamond into your jewellery box. Remember men, you have to do your jewellery just right , or else you may end up looking too odd or strange.

  • If you are a fashion follower, you’ll know how men have started adopting studs for the ears; some wear hoops or danglers too! If you think the studs suit you, you could opt for simple diamond studs, bordered with a line of gold. You can choose the diamond to be big or small, depending upon your choice and personality.
  • Diamond pendants for men are becoming popular. While earlier, men would only stick to simple chains tucked under their shirts, they are now coming out more into the open to sport and show off their diamond pendants hung onto a nice attractive gold chain.
  • Diamond rings have been an all-time favourite for men, and remain their much loved today too. You could choose a simple plain gold band with a single big diamond engraved in the middle, a series of smaller diamonds engraved all around the circumference of the ring, or a super-heavy masculine gold ring, studded with clusters of tiny diamonds. It depends upon your status, job profile, and lifestyle.
  • Earlier, men stuck to the more common chain-linked bracelets, thin or thick, depending upon their choice. But now, men are experimenting more, and wearing gold bracelets studded with diamonds.

Serving as a status symbol, a combination of gold and diamond has been an all-time favourite for people from various strata of the society, and today, with no limitation on the gender. The elegance that the combination of gold and diamond brings, cannot be topped by any other!


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