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Process Of Gold Refining

Precious Metal recycling is a large part of the market, as it contributes to a major portion of the precious metals market every year. A large majority of the pure precious metals entering the market come from dental refining services, recycling gold-filled scrap, silver scrap, placer mining, and old jewelry. These metals are normally bought by pawn shops and jewelers alike who will likely sell them to a refiner for income.


Melting Process

Refining is the process where impurities are taken away from the Scrap Gold & Silver. Gold smelting machines use high pressure, heat, and various chemical substances to separate and refine the precious metals from the impurities/other metals with which it is combined. With an efficient Gold Refining machine, the precious metals can be recovered correctly with minimal melt loss. Melt loss occurs as the impurities are burned away, leaving only the precious metals in the melting pot to turn to liquid form. The liquid form allows for an even distribution of metals across the entire sample before it is poured into an Ingot Mould casting to create a bar. This bar is also known as a Dore form of Gold. We can ensure the testing is accurately performed with an even distribution of precious metals.

Assay Calculation

An experienced refiner will only use state-of-the-art precious metal refining equipment, therefore ensuring that customers are recovering as much as possible. When assay testing the final Dore bar, an accurate reading is required to ensure that the correct measurement and composition of precious metal have been determined. XRF technology is used to calculate the exact purities of the precious metals and then accurately calculate the worth of your scrap precious metals. Based on the results of the Assay, the total value of the scrap precious metals can be determined, and payment can be made accordingly.

Who to Choose to Refine Your Metals

The refining process is not easy, and that is why one should always look for an experienced refiner who can extract precious metals in the best way possible. There are very few companies that offer experienced Gold Refining services mixed with trustworthiness and complete transparency. Once you have found a company that suits your needs, you should consider how soon they are looking to be paid. Some companies pay out instantly whereas others aim to pay out within 2 weeks or more. In the Lower Mainland Area of B.C., companies that provide such refining services include Border Gold, Instant Gold Refining, and Gold Stock.



Secure Shipping

Most of the companies provide refining services to the customers along with Bullion Products, they can either directly walk into the office or use the refining services to ship to the company directly. One should look for transparency in the refining process and clients who ship their metals in. Once your metals are received by the company, they should confirm the weight and contents of what was sent to you before processing your metals.


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