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The Vedas believe everything connected to the Divine to be sacred. The Chakras of Gomati are no exception. They may be found in the Gomati River, where they can help people with a variety of problems. Gomati Chakras have tiny circles on one side and are white in hue. The chakras are thought to represent Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune. If you look closely, the Gomati Chakra resembles Lord Krishna's Sudarshan Chakra or Discus. The Gomati chakras are thought to have been part of Lord Krishna's opulent Dwaraka palaces.


Use Of Gomati Chakra

In rituals, these chakras are employed. If you have a Gomati Chakra, it is claimed that you will be rewarded with purity, prosperity, and excellence in your chosen profession. In certain Vedic ceremonies, Gomati Chakras are utilised with Shaligrams. When the Shaligrama stones and Gomati Chakras are worshipped together, according to the Salagrama Kosha, sin responses of any kind can be eliminated.


Carrying The Chakra Along

For good luck and financial opportunities, carry 2/4/6/8 (or even numbers) Gomati Chakras in your handbag or wallet. Burying Elven Gomati Chakras in a structure's foundation protects residents from the harmful impacts of Vastu Dosha in South East, according to Vastu. The Rudras, Lord Shiva's celestial forms, are depicted by eleven Gomati Chakras.

Financial Burden: Simply rub turmeric powder on the eleven Chakras. Keep them near a Shivling or a Shiva picture. Any Shiva mantra can be said. Then, using yellow fabric, bind these Chakras together. Take the cloth to every room in your house, including the safe. Throw the fabric into a moving river or a lake after that. This removes all financial responsibilities, debts, and other financial limitations from one's life.


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