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Coup 53
This documentary movie tells the story of the Ajax operation, which was the coup launched by the CIA / MI6 in Iran in 1953 to overthrow a prime minister.The consensus of rotten tomato critics is that “coup 53” is full of political conspiracy promised by its title. It is a fascinating documentary movie with the core of a thriller. “

Capturing the Friedmans
While preparing a documentary movie about children's birthday party entertainers, a filmmaker discovered that one of his themes was related to a man convicted of child sexual abuseThe consensus of rotten tomato critics is: “an unforgettable description of a disintegrating family, and a strong argument for the elusive truth.”

This documentary movie follows children as they work their way toward the finals of a prestigious national spelling bee competition.Rotten Tomatoes critics' consensus states: “A suspenseful, gripping documentary that features an engaging cross-section of American children.”

Jodorowsky's Dune
A filmmaker discussed how he would turn Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel dune into a big screen.The consensus of rotten tomato critics is: “part is a thoughtful tribute, and part is a bittersweet reminder of missed opportunities.”

The Act of Killing
This award-winning documentary movie reveals the mass execution in Indonesia of alleged Communists and those praised for their crimes against humanity.The consensus of rotten tomato film critics is: “primitive, horrible and difficult to watch. Killing provides unforgettable proof of the enlightening and antagonistic power of documentary films.”

The doctor followed the American four-a-side football team to prepare and play full contact competitive football,The consensus of rotten tomato critics is: “an interesting and exciting documentary, showing that being confined to a wheelchair does not mean that the fun must end.”

Archive clips and talking portraits reveal a close portrayal of the life and times of pioneering singer songwriter Amy Winehouse.The consensus of rotten tomato critics is: “although it is sad, what is fascinating is that Amy has a strong and honest examination of the twisted relationship between art and celebrities and the fatal spiral of addiction.”A realistic documentary movie.

The Look of Silence
Focusing on an optometrist named ADI, the silent expression is a powerful partner for Joshua Oppenheimer's killing behavior for the Oscar nomination.The consensus of rotten tomato critics is that “the silent look” provides a less shocking but equally striking accompaniment to Joshua Oppenheimer's “killing”.It is also a classical documentary movie.

Edward Snowden, who has information on the US government's large-scale secret surveillance program, met with reporters to expose the scandal.The consensus of rotten tomato film critics is that “part is a real thriller and part is a thought-provoking review of civil liberties in the 21st century. The fourth citizen transcends ideology and provides an attractive must see this documentary movie.”




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