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Good practice points you should follow when using lifting chains

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 Lifting chain slings are designed to provide great flexibility for the end-user for maneuvering light and heavy loads. Dutest offers an extensive range of chain slings for lifting exclusively in the UAE in all emirates can be used in different applications of lifting, pulling, winching etc. 

Here are some good practice points you should follow when using lifting chains:

  • Follow any specific instructions from the supplier that complies with material handling. Prepare the landing to make sure the floor is strong enough to take the load. 

  • Ensure that the load is safe and secure while being moved in the air so that there is no chance of falling loads that could harm workers or the surrounding property. 

  • Use slings that are suitable for the load and protect it from sharp edges and corners. Attach the sling securely to the equipment and position the hooks to face outwards to keep the load balanced and prevent it from falling.

  • Check slings and equipment are free of damage, use slings/slinging methods suitable for the load and protect slings from sharp edges and corners.

  • Carry a trial when using the machines to avoid accidents and checking whether the chain sling is strong enough to support the load. Don’t drag slings on the floor or overload them beyond their carrying capacity.

  •  Do not force slings or accessories into position or use damaged slings that are not twisted or knotted in any way. When attaching more than one sling to the hook of the machine, use a shackle to join the slings and steer clear from jamming the hook.


  • Avoid exposing the slings to chemicals or heat without prior approval of the manufacturer.  Check for hindrances, overhead power lines and make certain that there is enough clearance to lift and lower the equipment safely. 

  • When lifting, confirm the position of the lifting point to keep it at the center of gravity of the load and if required make use of shorteners to alter chain sling length to accomplish this. 

  • While selecting the lifting chain for your job project check off the grade of steel, the diameter of the chain and the number of chain legs in the chain assembly to suit the purpose of the operation. 

Dutest supplies chains that are made available in a range of material grades, sizes and assemblies and high-grade material that enhances its longevity. Apart from chain slings, we provide wire rope slings and accessories, webbing slings, round slings, chain blocks, lever hoists, load cells, safety harnesses, beam clamps, magnets etc. 

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