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Calculate your estimated Google Ads revenue with Meetanshi’s Google Ads Revenue Calculator! This calculator takes into account your estimated click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and daily budget to determine the potential revenue you could earn from your Google Ads campaign.


  1. Enter your estimated CTR (in percentage)
  2. Enter your estimated CPC (in currency)
  3. Enter your daily budget (in currency)
  4. Hit the “Calculate” button to see your estimated revenue

Benefits of Using Meetanshi’s Google Ads Revenue Calculator :

  1. Quick and Accurate Estimate: Our Google Ads Revenue Calculator provides a quick and accurate estimate of the potential revenue you could earn from your Google Ads campaign.
  2. Easy to Use: The calculator is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to use. Simply enter your estimated CTR, CPC, and daily budget, and the calculator will do the rest.
  3. Helps in Budgeting: The calculator can help you determine your daily budget and determine the cost per click that you need to stay within your budget while still maximizing your revenue.
  4. Provides Insight into Campaign Performance: The estimate generated by the calculator can help you understand the performance of your Google Ads campaign and make necessary changes for improvement.
  5. Supports Data-Driven Decisions: The estimate provided by the calculator can help inform data-driven decisions about your Google Ads campaign, such as adjusting your budget or targeting specific keywords.

Note: This is just an estimate and actual revenue may vary. It is important to regularly monitor and adjust your Google Ads campaign for optimal performance.

For more information, visit: https://meetanshi.com/google-ads-revenue-calculator


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